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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Seddon Deadly Sins

Not many are willing to travel all the way from the outer east side all the way over the bridge to the west side, so I'm lucky to have Ms L who doesn't mind the mini road trip when it comes to good food. Ms L had been eager to try Seddon Deadly Sins for a while and it was one of those days when she felt like she needed a day off work, that we made our way to Seddon. We felt extremely welcomed when we arrived at Seddon Deadly Sins, as if we were regulars coming back for our weekly visit. Our coffees were rich and strong, suiting our palates well especially considering that Ms L is incredibly picky when it comes to her long macchiatos.

Flat white & a long macchiato ($3.30 each)

The sweet options were incredibly enticing however the beer battered haloumi ended up being my choice. The chewy and salty haloumi marrying well with the sweet fig jam and the amount of bacon was very generous, while the poached eggs were well cooked and runny.

Beer battered haloumi with fig jam, spinach, crispy bacon & poached eggs ($16)

Ms L, like many, loves a good fritter and the twist that Seddon Deadly Sins puts with the spicy sweet potato latkes piqued her interest. The latkes had a fiery kick, subdued slightly by the sour cream, and again there was a generous amount of bacon on her dish.

Spicy sweet potato latkes on spinach, crispy bacon topped with sour cream, chives & poached eggs ($15)

While we felt like a pair of truant kids revelling in a day off school, the blissfully satisfying late lunch at Seddon Deadly Sins warded off any guilt we may have felt. With happy staff to attend to us and simple yet well executed cafe fare, it is definitely one of the quality cafes in Melbourne's west.


Will I return? Yes, for the breathtaking view alone.

Seddon Deadly Sins
148 Victoria St
Seddon VIC 3011
(03) 9689 3092

Tues to Sun 8am - 5pm

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Monday, October 6, 2014


Melbourne is consistently on point with food trends - instagram-worthy food like fluffy hotcakes accessorised with a colourful array of edible flowers and fresh fruit; frozen yoghurt dispensaries popping up on every corner, both north and south of the river; cold pressed juices and healthy smoothies served in mason jars; and the latest one to start making an appearance on menus - things made with food-grade edible charcoal. Charcoal food products are becoming more mainstream - what, with charcoal brioche buns encasing meat patties, ice creams scooped into charcoal waffle cones; and now, after supplying select cafes for a short while earlier this year, Nora has opened shop in Carlton with a range of their signature charcoal tarts.

While the charcoal shells provide a striking contrast against the various fillings, the charcoal aspect does not literally translate through to the taste of it. Flaky, crumbly with a lovely residual chewiness to it, the shells are incredibly interesting, but owners Tong and Jean aren't shy about experimenting around with the flavours either.

The dark chocolate is unabashed, powerful and bitter with just a hint of sweetness from the honey and sesame crumb.

Honey dark chocolate, sea salt and sesame tart ($5)

The tamarind cream cheese with macerated strawberries mixed through and topped with chopped pistachios.

Tamarind cream cheese and strawberry tart ($5)

Pandan and coconut complement beautifully together, so we all loved this combination for its unadulterated nuttiness with an aromatic sweetness to the flavour.

Coconut pandan tarts ($5)

The lemon was most prominent in flavour with just a hint of spice from the lemongrass and ginger; it was one of the crowd favourites between us for the impeccable harmony of sweet and sour.

Lemon, lemongrass and ginger brûlée tart ($5)

Not only offering these impressive charcoal tarts, there is also a concise savoury breakfast and lunch menu available. A sweet little spot with immensely friendly wait staff, I can envision myself visiting often during the warmer months.


Will I return?
Yes, next time to try the savoury dishes and new flavour combinations.

156 Elgin St
Carlton VIC 3053
(03) 9041 8644

Mon to Fri 7am - 3:30pm
Sat & Sun 8am - 4pm

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Assaggi Italiani

If you haven't noticed lately, my posts have been sporadic and spanning towards the monthly basis now - a cumulation of getting caught up in work, life and obsessively planning our trip to America at the end of the year. I feel major guilt neglecting my little food baby (my blog, not my stomach. My stomach is always well fed!) but the urge to relax after a long day at work always wins over writing and editing. Still, enjoying good food with loved ones is still a significant aspect of life I'm happily partaking in; and to celebrate our father this year, we decided to take him out to a neighbourhood Italian restaurant. At Assaggi Italiani, we are greeted with upbeat Italian greetings and heavy accented wait staff, while being led up the stairs to a private room for our table of nine.

While my parents are accustomed to the "quantity over quality" type of Italian establishments and would typically baulk at the idea of paying more than what they're used to, Assaggi Italiani was reasonably priced for the quality fare. The pastas are made fresh and on site; apparent from the silky and dainty texture of the fettuccine, with a plentiful array of fresh seafood.

Fettuccine Alla Sirenetta with fresh seafood ($25)

The cavatelli nestled the robust Napoli sauce, and was appropriately seasoned with a hit of saltiness from the pancetta and bacon.

Cavatelli Alla Matriciana ($19.50)

The gnocchi, barely holding their form after baking in the Napoli sauce, was sprinkled with a generous layer of parmesan and mozzerella cheese.

Gnocchi Alla "Nonna Maria" ($20)

The pizzas were cooked in the wood fire oven, allowing a distinct char to envelope in the flavours of the thin, crisp base, just solid enough to hold the ample toppings. While I equally enjoyed all the pizzas, I had a slight preference to the Campagnola for the decadent combination of bocconini, mushrooms, pungent Gorgonzola and pancetta.

Capriciosa - bocconcini, ham off the bone, mushrooms & olives ($18)

Campagnola - bocconini, mushroom, Gorgonzola, pancetta ($18.50)

Amalfi - bocconcini, mixed seafood ($18.50)

Aquolina - bocconcini, bresaola, lemon, parmesan & rocket ($20)

Between the nine of us, there was plenty of food to go around to satisfy the entire table. While the desserts didn't tempt us that night, there were the quintessential Italian desserts available on the menu. The service and food were equally as charming and enjoyable and we wouldn't hesitate to return for another visit.


Will I return?
Yes, a great Italian restaurant not too far from home.

Assaggi Italiani
99 Glenferrie Rd
Malvern VIC 3144
(03) 9500 1624

Tues to Sun 5:30pm - 10pm

Assaggi Italiani on Urbanspoon

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