The Pour Kids

The colourful stools were what sold me and had me there the next day. I know, very superficial of me but also the fact that it was located in Malvern was a welcome change to the far drives out to Collingwood/Carlton/wherever all the other cool brunch spots are.


My Flat White

We didn't understand the name behind this dish but Mr A enjoyed it. All the different textures and flavours were great together.

Google this - Deep-fried, crumbed poached eggs, with chorizo, feta, frizee lettuce + extra virgin olive oil

After seeing the words French, Chocolate & Brioche all in one sentence, I was all over it. I had previously had the Chocolate Brioche at Dukes Coffee which was excellent and sadly, The Pour Kid's version paled in comparison. The Chocolate was a rich dark chocolate which was okay however I found it too much after only a few mouthfuls even with the cream on the side and the spiced cherry confit didn't help to alievate the richness. I gave up mid way and wished I had ordered something savoury.

A toasty with the most-y - French style chocolate brioche toasty, with spiced cherry confit + aromatic set cream

Overall this cafe had a nice neighbourhoodly feel. The time that we visited, it wasn't so busy (gloomy weather) but I can imagine how nice it would be during the warmer months. I don't think I'd be revisiting though, as I like to try new places and only revisit if I'm wowed.

Oh, by the way, I've decided to implement a rating system for my food blog :)

Food: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Will I return? No, too many great brunch places in Melbourne.

The Pour Kids
1e Winter St
Malvern, VIC 3144
(03) 9077 3847

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