Café Di Stasio

After many weeks travelling throughout USA, I was due back to the scorching Australian summer heat and back to face the Melbourne food scene again. America opened my eyes up to a variety of cuisines and new dishes, not to mention the mammoth serving portions and low prices to go with that. Mr A was kind enough to organise a dinner out to welcome me back home and he had chosen Café Di Stasio. It is located on a busy strip in St Kilda and its dark interior is cosy and sophisticated - a great date venue.

To start, we ordered an entrée to share. The tuna was seared nicely while the salad was zesty in flavour.

Seared tuna with Fennel, Capers and Pancetta

I was after something simple so I went for the special of Angel hair pasta with crab. With the classic flavours of garlic, chilli, parsley and crab, it was a great pasta dish. The serving portion was on the small size though, especially after returning from America, and you can see from the photo it was plated up very awkwardly.

Angel hair Pasta with Crab 

The suckling pig was nice but not very tender and the soft and sweet baked apple was a great accommpaniment to the dish. Mr A found the greens on the side were extremely salty though. Mr A still enjoyed it but did not think it was anything spectacular.

Oven Roasted Suckling Pig with Baked Apple

My Apple pastry dessert was delicious and very fresh and light. All the elements were perfect and there was only a hint of liquor from the Calvados.

Apple, Calvados, Cream and Pastry

The crumbly and flaky pastry went well with the rich sweetness of the blueberry but I feel like ice cream would have been better with the pie instead of the cream. Still, it was a great dessert.

Blueberry pie with cream

Overall, our meal was nice, but not exciting with the desserts being the highlight of our meal. The service was a touch stiff and not very warm but all our requests were met promptly.

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Value: 8/10
Will I return? No, there are too many great restaurants in Melbourne and this was my second visit here so I would rather try new places.

Café Di Stasio
31 Fitzroy St
St Kilda VIC 3182
(03) 9525 3999

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