Chez Olivier

                           Chez Olivier is a warm and cosy bistro with the walls overfilled with empty vintage wine bottles. The French waiters spoke with French accents and had a hearty demeanour. It has always been on my list to visit but I never had the chance to dine here.

They brought out bread after our orders were placed. The bread was wonderfully crusty and so delicious with the butter.


Crusty bread
The Scallops were seared to perfection and went well with all the flavours on the plate. The salmon roe gave a nice burst of saltiness to the dish.

Scallop Special

The Escargots were served without their shell, and instead came soaked in butter and parsley in petite metal saucer. The Escargots were soft and quite delicious but I’ve definitely had better.

Les Escargots

The Duck leg confit was wonderfully tender and had a crispy skin and I particularly loved the mushrooms soaked in the Cider & Calvados sauce. The potatoes cooked in duck fat underneath were a great side to the dish. I really enjoyed this dish.

Duck leg confit wth Cider & Calvados sauce on Pommes Sarladaises

The Eye Fillet was cooked to Medium rare and nicely pink inside. The slice of Foie Gras added to the decadence of the dish and the creamy mash potato and mushroom sauce was delicious. A good steak dish.

Eye Fillet with Creamy Mash Potato, Slice of Foie Gras, Mushroom sauce and Truffle oil

The Soft Poached Meringue was incredibly light and fluffy like a cloud (if I could ever touch one!) and so delightful with the crunchy Praline and sweet Creme Anglaise. It was the perfect light dessert for me as I was quite full from my main.

Soft poached Meringue on Praline Creme Anglaise

The Chocolate Fondant was quite a large serving compared to the usual size at other restaurants. It was slightly underdone and incredibly liquid and oozy. Generally I love the molten chocolate factor in a Chocolate Fondant but the amount of liquid chocolate definitely outweighed the chocolate cake ratio. Although, with the vanilla ice cream, it was still delicious.
Self saucing, Self indulging Chocolate Fondant

Chez Olivier is a charming French Bistro nestled in Prahran and the food was very nice. I particularly enjoyed the mains and desserts.
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