Quaff Restaurant

Regularly driving past Toorak Rd, I had never taken notice of Quaff Restaurant until after walking past, a friend mentioned she had wanted to dine there. It appeared to be a nice modern restaurant serving Modern Australian fare so we decided to give it a chance. Upon arrival, service was a bit scattered and not very friendly. We requested a menu and the wine list to look over while we were waiting for our friends to arrive.

Each couple decided to order a chef's tasting plate each. The majority of the chef's tasting plate was deep fried and was nothing special. The whole dish felt rather uninspired and the grilled bread in the middle was extremely stale and hard after being grilled.

Quaff's Taste Plate

The Duck breast was tender and pink inside however the five spiced duck sausage was very grainy and it disliked by all 3 who had ordered this dish.

Crispy skin Duck breast with five spiced duck sausage

When presented with the Fish pie, everyone remarked how extremely large it was. It was literally the size of my face. Once removing the pastry puff on top, a thin creamy broth laden with chunks of fish and vegetables. The broth was flavourful and tasty while the parmasen mash on the side was silky and smooth.

Quaff's oven baked Fish pie with fresh vegetables, truffle oil and cream sauce & parmesan mash

The Lemon soufflé was wonderfully light and the lemon curd added an intense lemon flavour. It was the highlight of our meal, although I detected a strong plain eggy taste in the souffle when the lemon curd was absent.

Lemon Soufflé with vanilla ice cream and lemon curd

Overall, our meal at Quaff Restaurant left us quite disappointed and I felt that the dishes that were satisfactory, we could easily replicate at home.

Food: 6/10
Service: 6/10
Value: 5/10
Will I return? No, the food didn't warrant a return meal.

Quaff Restaurant
436 Toorak Rd
Toorak VIC 3142
(03) 9827 4484

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  1. Oh what a shame! I've looked at the menu here before and thought it looked pretty good! The souffle does sound lovely though!


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