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The weather in Melbourne has been quite dreary lately and it takes a lot of effort to drag myself from bed to work. Life in a wintery Melbourne is so dull and miserable sometimes so I tend to over indulge in food during the colder months. Fortunately, all clouds have a silver lining and Melbourne is indeed a fantastic city to over indulge in. Wallis & Ed opened in June 2011 and is located down the paris end of the city and has a sleek and contemporary interior.




We had a glass of 2010 Crudo Shiraz to start with.


We came into the restaurant soaking wet from the unrelenting rain so a soup sounded wonderful. There were a few chunks of Eel in the soup and added a strong flavour to the soup. It was a pleasant soup but didn't really hit the spot.

Roasted Potato and Eel Soup

The Pork belly was tender while the skin was very crispy and tasty with the ginger jam.

17 hour sous vide pork belly with shallot, ginger jam, baby roquette

The Chicken was quite succulent and there was a hint of the 'drunken' flavour however the dish was missing an element to complete it. As I continued to eat it, it started to get dry and the honey roasted pumpkins could only do so much to ease the dryness of the dish.

Drunken chicken with honey-roasted pumpkin

The Barrimundi went well with the capsicum coulis and was very well cooked with the skin being incredibly crispy and the meat was moist. However, the dish also lacked an extra something to make it great and another downfall was that the ruby grapefruit was extremely sour and bitter (I spat it out immediately). If an element isn't perfect, don't put it on the plate!

Pan roasted Cone Bay barramundi with capsicum coulis, fennel and ruby grapefruit salad

The sides of Steamed Asparagus was very delicious. The garlic balsamic reduction and parmesan were a great combination. The Shoestring fries were crispy and tasty but we weren't able to distinguish any rosemary flavour.

Steamed asparagus, garlic balsamic reduction, parmesan & Shoestring fries with rosemary salt

Onto dessert time, we ordered some coffees to go with them.

Flat White & Cappuccino

The Mandarine crème brûleé was delicious with a distinct citrus flavour and the kumquat ice cream was great with the crumbs of biscuit scattered around. I would easily come back for this again.

Mandarine crème brûleé, kumquat ice cream

This Apple tarte tatin would have to be the best one I've had as of yet. The pastry was buttery and flaky with a crispy exterior. The apples were sweet and with a caramelised crust, it went beautifully with the vanilla ice cream. Again, I would come back for this.

Warm apple tarte tatin, vanilla ice cream

The venue is very appealing and the service was friendly enough. Although there were an equal number of hits and misses, we really enjoyed our coffees and desserts.

Food: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Value: 7.5/10
Will I return? Yes & No - Yes, for the desserts! No, for a full meal.

Wallis & Ed
1 Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9633 6265

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