Mister Nice Guy Vegan Cupcakes

                                                          It was recently my birthday and despite being old enough to forgo a ‘party’ and a cake, I can’t resist indulging in sweets, just because I can. A forgetful boyfriend (!!) resulted in a last minute dash to secure a cake of some sort for my birthday, so I googled and googled until I came upon Mister Nice Guy Vegan Cupcakes. Only just opened in September 2011, the reviews were persuasive enough so I promptly called them. Ideally, they need 72 hours notice for special cake or cupcake orders so I had to make do with cupcakes they were selling at their stall in Prahran Market. Saturdays are incredibly busy for them and flavours do run out quickly – they were kind enough to set 8 aside for me and let me pay over the phone.

I ended up ordering Red Velvet cupcakes being that it’s my favourite flavour. Let me tell you, they are probably the best Red Velvet cupcakes I’ve had in Melbourne, vegan cupcakes or not. They were rich, dense, and not overly sweet while the cream cheese frosting was incredibly luscious and smooth. A divine combination of flavours. A regular cupcake would be enough to satisfy your cravings but somehow can still leave you wanting more. In fact, one friend decided to eat 2 instead of taking 1 home for his girlfriend – that’s how good they were!

Birthday Red Velvet cupcakes (feral table because we were at Lucky Coq haha!)

Ever since then, I haven’t been able to get my mind off them. Luckily for me, I looked up their stockists and there’s actually a cafe, only 50 m down the road from my work, that stocks them. So today I went to pick up 2 more Red Velvet cupcakes. One day, I’ll try the other flavours which also look incredibly scrumptious, but for now I need to completely satiate my Red Velvet cravings.

More Red Velvet Cupcakes
I really love the look of this Rainbow Cake and if I had known earlier, this would have been my cake order. I would most likely be bouncing off the walls from all that colour though.
Big Gay Cake (from their Facebook page)
If you ever find yourself wondering around Prahran Market, please don’t forget to check these guys out. They are incredibly friendly and happy to help if you have orders of any kind.
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