My sister is lucky (or unlucky depending on your view) enough to occasionally work afternoon shifts leaving the first part of the day free to have lunch with me in the city. She has often dined at Mezzo previously and although she hasn’t gushed amazing or inspiring food, she has enjoyed her many meals there. They offer an Express Lunch Menu which includes 2 courses from a select menu.



We were offered soft Sourdough bread which was still warm and delicious with the aromatic Olive Oil.

Bread with Olive Oil

As we ordered from the Express Lunch Menu, we were very surprised when we were both served half a dozen of Oysters each. It was a generous serve considering that it is normally priced at $18. The wordless waiter (more on him later) did not specify what kind of Oysters they were but we assumed there were 2 different types judging by the different sizes. We preferred the smaller Oysters as they were sweeter and saltier with a delicate metallic taste. The larger ones were meatier but lacked the creaminess of the smaller oysters.

Natural Oysters with Lemon + Red Wine Shallot dressing

The Ocean Trout was tender and flaky while the skin was seared to a crisp. To accompany the fish, the ‘cooked salad’ of Capsicum, Eggplant and Zucchini were soft and silky which combined well with the fresh, herby Salsa Verde. The toasted flaked Almonds added a great crunchiness to the dish.

Seared Ocean Trout fillet served with a Capsicum, Eggplant & Zucchini ‘Caponata’ + Salsa Verde

The service we received was varied – one waitress was helpful and answered any queries we had, while a wordless waiter would set our dishes down without a word which I felt was bordering on rude and very awkward. Despite the strange service, I enjoyed my meal and thought it was great value.

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