Manchester Press

                                                  My friend is currently enrolled in a photography course and he is in the midst of a fashion assignment. The reason as to why I am mentioning this is because this is how we came to be in the city on a Sunday – which never usually happens, we are much too lazy to leave the house on Sundays (rest/recovery/sloth days). Sundays in the city are almost peaceful and with many cafes solely open during the weekdays, we ended up at Manchester Press in Rankins Lane before walking around the city taking photos.

With only an ‘MP’ sign with arrows pointing down to indicate its location, it could easily be bypassed except for the fact that its insanely popular.

Manchester Press

We were second on the wait list which was scribbled on the brick wall next to the entrance in chalk which I thought was clever. In a matter of 10 minutes, we were soon seated at the end of a large communal table. The interior is like many cafes in Melbourne these days, with a warehouse feel, minimalistic with eclectic touches here and there to show the personality of the cafe. Although the cafe is flat out, the ambience is lively, comfortable and conversation flows without needing to yell to be heard.


The organic honey cola tasted like a sweetened, less artificial version of Coke.

Organic Honey Cola

The latte was very good and made strong as requested. We couldn’t exactly discern what the coffee art was but we concluded it was a funny face.


Perusing the menu in between aggravated yells in regards to their fantasy football league, all the guys opted for the classic smoked salmon open bagel. It was definitely one of the nicer smoked salmon bagels and there was a good ratio of ingredients in the bagel. They all thought it was a good portion and felt well-fed after finishing it.

Open bagel with smoked salmon, dill cream cheese and capers

Despite suggesting this cafe, known for their bagels, I actually didn’t feel like bagels so I was glad to see a couple of salad options at the bottom of the menu. The salad came with a very generous portion of smoked salmon and a good mix of fresh salad components. I especially liked the avocado half with a wedge of lemon, which together really lifted from the salty salmon.

Smoked Salmon, avocado, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, capers and dill mayo

Manchester Press offers a good variety of bagels and a few other choices that appeal to all. Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and felt we could easily return here for another meal.

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