Afternoon delights at Panzerotti & Movenpick

I've really cut down on my sweets intake lately as requested by my waistline. I used to scour the city each week for macarons, cakes, cupcakes and other miscellaneous desserts to consume but with the combination of my laziness and my new shoes that hurt have stopped that habit. Once in awhile I will indulge, and when Mr A and I walked past Panzerotti on the way to lunch, we made a mental note to come back here for desserts.

A panzerotti is a deep fried pocket of dough with come in with variety of fillings hailing from Bari, Italy.


Mr A went with the most popular sweet panzerotti which was raspberry and white chocolate.

Dusted with icing sugar ready to be eaten

Biting through the crisp, warm pastry, the flavours of the tart raspberry went well with the sweet white chocolate.

Inside the the panzerotti

As fate would have it, there was one lone cioccolata (chocolate) panzerotti - more specifically, in the form of nutella! There can be nothing wrong with deep fried pastry with warm, oozy nutella, nothing at all. We both agreed that the nutella panzerotti won.

Nutella panzerotti

Panzerotti is great for a snack and I will be back to try the savoury offerings in the near future. I can just imagine how good they would be with melted cheese!

289 Flinders lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9662 9921

Food: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Will I return? Yes

Panzerotti on Urbanspoon

Later that day, we were at Doncaster Westfield to buy some things for my beautiful niece and stopped by Movenpick for dessert before dinner. It is set out like a cafe on one of the lower levels.


The waffles were chewy despite their crunchy appearance but went well with the caramel sauce and accompanying ice creams.

Creme caramel waffle dessert

Mr A went for the pancakes which were slightly doughy and similar to Mickey Dee's hotcakes. The ice creams were very nice though.

Strawberries and cream pancake dessert

I've had better experiences at Movenpick overseas however in Australia, it just seems a bit lacklustre and we left unimpressed.

Westfield Doncaster, Ground floor
619 Doncaster Rd
Doncaster VIC 3108
(03) 9840 2373

Food: 6.5/10
Service: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Will I return? No, there are better places to have dessert in Melbourne.

Movenpick Westfield Doncaster on Urbanspoon


  1. The sweets at Panzarotti are to die for. Every time I walk past it have to restrain myself from buying some (my waistline would hate me).

    Might have to give in to temptation sometime soon though.

    1. Ahh the daily battle to save our waistlines :P
      I've been really good lately but seeing that nutella ooze out again makes me weak!

  2. OMG! Catherine this blog post is dangerous - especially the one in flinders Lane. >_<
    I'm trying to cut down on the sugar cos its going to my waistline but I simply cannot resist!

    The nutella one looks good though! nomnom

    Also, do you think Movenpick is worth the premium price?


    1. Haha I am the same as you, it's hard with my stomach and head fighting each other!! I feel like the nutella one, I may head back again soon for a sugar hit :)

      Nah, I like the ice creams but I actually like Max Brennar better despite how commercial that place is :P I think you can better elsewhere for the price!

  3. Ohhh Panzerotti :) Driven and walked past so many times but never tried but think it's time I did hehe ~

    Same here I know what you mean by getting better desserts somewhere else but the ice-cream at movenpick is good and hehe have you seen the discounts you get from the supermarket? :P It makes it a little more affordable!

    1. It's not somewhere which pulls me in when I look at it but I'm glad I stopped by for the nutella panzerotti!! MMMM haha yes Movenpick ice cream is good, I can't argue with that!

  4. There is now a store in qv. Have you been there? Check out my post on it. http://newintstudents.blogspot.com.au/2013/09/the-story-of-movenpick-by-katherine.html


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