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Monday, September 24, 2012

Oscar Cooper

After these last few dreary months of grey skies, rain, hail and thunderstorms, I am wildly excited about weather forecasts that have a symbol of a bright yellow sun. 23°C and sunny seemed just too good to spend indoors so we headed out to soak up some vitamin D and how fun it was to drive in nice weather with the windows down! Oscar Cooper has only just opened up on the hip Greville street in Prahran and we decided to visit on that beautiful sunny Saturday. By 1:30 pm, the cafe was very full so we were offered seats at a bench opposite the front counter which we took up in favour of the 15 minute wait for a table.


Our bench seating

They also have cocktails available which I might have taken up if I wasn't so in need of my usual coffee order. An espresso martini or bloody mary sounded great but.. I needed my coffee! We both ordered a double ristretto 3/4 flat white. I'm asked if I work in the industry or I just know how I like my coffee. No (I wish!) the latter, I reply. I find lattes and flat whites too milky for me and this cup of brew was divine.

Double ristretto 3/4 flat white

Mr A had the corn fritters which is usually his choice if he sees it on the menu. He's hard to impress but they were one of the best corn fritters he's had. He favoured St Ali's corn fritters as they have a higher corn ratio however, the fritters were very crispy and the dish as a whole at Oscar Cooper was better. I had a bite and liked the flavour of the corn fritters, with a hint of spice, and the rest of the components were fresh and tasty.

Corn fritters with poached eggs, house cured salmon and baby asparagus and hollandaise

Being boring I went for the Oscar's benedict but they weren't in any way boring. A crisp patty of potato roesti, smashed avocado with bacon cooked the way I like it and perfeclty poached eggs smothered in creamy zesty hollandaise sauce. I feel like such a spoilt brat saying that there was too much bacon for me (in a generous way, not bad at all), but other than that, one of the best eggs benedicts I've had in a long while.

Oscar's benedict on potato roesti, poached eggs, berkshire bacon, smashed avocado and hollandaise

You know when you have really good poached eggs when you nudge it with your fork and it wobbles. It actually wobbles because the yolk is just bursting to spill out. Yup, perfect poached eggs at Oscar Cooper for both our dishes. 

I liked the design of the cafe. Exposed brick wall, contrasted by clean white tiles and wooden accents, it feels open and the windows make the most of the natural light that will light this place up in the months to come. Even those sitting at the window next to us were comfortable from the glare of the sun with the tinted windows. Along the wall there was also a fireplace but I didn't take much notice to see if it was functioning but that would add a nice ambiance during the colder months.

I like the fact that breakfast options are served until 3pm. What is a weekend without sleeping in until at least noon. The food did take a while to arrive but given that it is currently only a few weeks old and full house at the time of dining, we were happy to people watch as we waited. Service was upbeat and very friendly - we were told our food wouldn't take much longer and asked how our meal was during and after eating. One of the best brunches we've had this year. Good food, excellent coffee and attentive service.

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Value: 8/10
Will I return? Yes, a great brunch/lunch option with good coffee and ample parking.

Oscar Cooper
160 Greville Street
Prahran VIC 3181
(03) 9529 5670

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11 thoughts:

  1. I can't believe we posted a review on Oscar Cooper within a few hours of each other. Glad to hear we are on the same page in praising its great menu.

    1. Haha yes I saw that and commented on your site just before! Next time I'll be sure to try out the lunch menu though.

  2. LOL No wonder I thought you already blogged about it, but actually it's Sharking for Chips who also blogged about it :)

    Great cafe! I've haven't heard of this cafe but it sure looks good and OMG the eggs that's total egg porn! I'm telling you it's hard to find good poached eggs :P they're either under or over cooked urghhh i get narky :P

    Gonna come check it out next time i go to Prahran market woo hoo!

    1. I know, I love it when the WHOLE egg yolk is still runny! They definitely get that right here and how perfect that it's so close to prahran market ;)

  3. Ahhh agreed. I too am a fan of cafes that serve breakfast menus till late. It's like, I don't just like my eggs in the morning, I want em all day, please and thank you. This sounds like such an exquisite meal haven't heard of it until now. And yay to another awesome cafe in the Sth Yarra/Prahran area. The place just keeps getting better and better!

    1. Yup this area just keeps improving and so many great cafes to have coffee! Haha sometimes I'll have eggs benedict for supper, just cos I can :P

  4. OMG complete droolage!!! I love my eggs, I love my fritters and a nicely designed cafe... arghhh I really want to go but it'll have to be a day when I can be bothered driving into that end of the city. Too much of a hassle to catch transport.

    Thanks for the great review and photos ;)


    1. Thanks Peach! Oscar Cooper seems have gotten everything right and ticks all my boxes, I want to go back again this weekend but must keep exploring new cafes hehe. I agree it's easier to drive here.. Public transport is a pain the ass!

  5. I'm down with any place that offer all-day jaffles. And welcomes dogs.

    That Eggs Benedict does look amazing; I think you've tempted me to lock that in as my first meal here this weekend.

    1. And breakfast cocktails? ;)

      Yes, a great meal. I usually try not to revisit places but my meal at OC definitely makes me want to break my rules.

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