Always the foodie schemer, I plot ways to squeeze in meals at some of the places on my wishlist. Sometimes I'll need to venture out to the inner city suburbs to visit clients and if any of my friends work in the vicinity, a quick whatsapp message is all that is needed before I'm checking off another place on my list.

Ms L works just around the corner and has walked past Cheerio before so when I sent her a link to Cheerio a few months ago, we decided to visit here next time I was in the area. I arrived first and only waited 5 minutes before a table was available so it seems turnover is reasonable and there was also a steady stream of takeaway coffees being ordered. I felt an inkling of envy wishing I worked in the area with cafes just like this - sometimes the city is so over-packed with suits (I am one to a lesser extent lol) that I can't bear it. You can see the space at Cheerio is small but there is a refreshing organic feel to it. It was just one of those cafes that made me feel happy upon entering, not to mention the staff there were lovely.

While waiting for Ms L to walk over from work, I ordered a 3/4 flat white which got me light-headed since I was drinking on an empty stomach.

3/4 flat white ($3.50)

Even though this photo isn't too clear, I like to take photos of menus when their menu isn't readily available online. I like to have an idea of what I want to eat before my visit, dammit! So this one is for those who, like me, want to plan ahead of their visit :)

Sandwiches can be boring sometimes but at Cheerio, they are so artfully constructed with tendrils of greens poking out, they look so appetising . The sandwich had a good balance of ingredients made up of smoked salmon, avocado and a mixture of greens, finished off with good quality bread. Ms L really enjoyed her sandwich and found it very filling.

 Smoked salmon, avocado, greens, radish, cucumber, capers ($10)

I was debating between choosing the eggs benedict or the salad on the specials board that day but eventually went with the herb and quinoa salad just to try something different. I liked the sweetness of the roasted tomatoes with the creamy, tangy goat's curd and fresh mix of salad. It was perfect for the warm day.

 Herbs and quinoa salad with spinach, goat's curd and roasted tomatoes ($9)

I loved the cool and relaxed atmosphere of Cheerio and since it was a 27 degree day, the space was highlighted by the natural light streaming in. All the staff were lovely and easy going so we felt very comfortable and the service made us feel more inclined to make a return visit. The barista we were speaking to about the cafe even got out of the way so I could take some photos which I appreciated - sometimes it can get a bit awkward!

If you're ever in the area and looking for a chill place to have lunch, Cheerio is a great option.

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Value: 9/10
Will I return? Yes, the staff are so friendly and food was good.

323 Lennox Street
Richmond VIC 3121
(03) 9428 0000 (this number didn't work last time I tried calling)

Monday to Saturday 7am - 4pm
Sunday 8am - 4pm

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  1. CHEERIO! <3 haha /happy cheers

    Hello hello! The cafe looks adorable. I'm a big sucker for cute cafes, but travelling to Richmond?! not my sort of thing. Crazy people just step onto the street, I'm almost always petrified in my car coz I don't know if I might run someone over hahaha.

    And any place that serves coffee in seafoam coloured cups are winner :)

    1. Haha cheeeeeerio!
      I know what you mean!! I was commenting on the same thing when I drove home through there on Friday night :S
      But yes, I agree, seafoam coloured cups are so mood-lifting :D

  2. Ohh Nice find :) and I like it when places make simple food tasty and yummy such as sandwiches ~

    Where abouts is it in Richmond? I might drop in next time I go to Bridge Rd when I go shopping :D

    1. It's 5 minutes walk from Richmond Station so close to Punt Rd & Swan St, I think.. hehe bad with directions!!
      I love finding places like this, especially with an atmosphere and food like Cheerio :)


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