Merry Cupcakes

                     It is officially Spring, even though the weather in Melbourne refuses to adhere to the seasonal guidelines as usual. But with Spring, eventually comes warmer weather leading straight to Summer which often prompts the female population to start panicking about bikini weather starting without the appropriate bikini body to match. I’m in this boat but with many sweet offerings tempting me, you can understand how hard it is to think about bikini body – although I know I’ll regret it as soon as the first 35 degree day hits Melbourne.

Merry Cupcakes was started up by Mary who loved all things sweet but through studying Nutrition and Dietetics at university and tweaking recipes to make them healthier, discovered her dream of providing a healthier dessert choice to the public that won’t taste like you’re eating something… *gasp* low-fat.

Merry Cupcakes is brightly decked out with sweet touches – alternating coloured stools, a cupcake sugar bowl and plaque that reads “HOORAY for nice people.” It is truly a happy place.

The sugar bowl definitely suits the personality of the store.

It was on my way home from work when I stopped by Merry Cupcakes to pick up some cupcakes. Since it was already 6:30pm, there was only a limited range available. They have a few flavours which they always have everyday and other rotating flavours – totalling to around 20 cupcake flavours. I opted to try each flavour they had available at that time as per the photo below.

A box of delights ($3.50)

Red velvet is always my top choice in cupcakes or cakes and I do rely on the thought that you can tell if a store’s cupcakes are good by their red velvet. The red velvet cake was moist and rich while the cream cheese frosting is fragile, soft and very delicious in unison with the cake. It wasn’t as decadent as usual due to the lightness of the cream cheese frosting but nevertheless, delicious.

Beet It – Red velvet cupcake made with beetroot colouring and cream cheese frosting ($3.50)

The chocolate cake was dense and rich with a chocolate and avocado frosting. I was oblivious to the fact that it was a chocolate and avocado frosting until later when I found out and I also thought the cake was slightly dry.

Chocolado – Chocolate cupcake with chocolate avocado frosting ($3.50)

Our favourite cupcake out of the lot was the Strawberry fields forever. The cake was soft and fluffy with bits of strawberry laced throughout and the sweet smell of strawberries wafted about. The strawberry frosting was sweet and lacked any horrid artificial taste, so it was like eating a delicate scone with strawberry jam and cream.

Strawberry Fields Forever – strawberry cupcake with strawberry frosting ($3.50)

The chai cupcake gave off an aroma of spices and was true to the chai flavour. I actually don’t like chai that much (sometimes a chai latte is ordered though) so this was just okay for me, whereas the true chai lovers would have a better appreciation for this.

Chai Latte – chai cupcake with vanilla frosting and cinnamon ($3.50)

The lemon and poppyseed cake was much more firmer but I liked the sweetness and zesty flavour of the lemon with the pops of the poppyseed. The sweet lemon frosting was the perfect topping.

Lemon Freckles – lemon and poppyseed with cream cheese frosting ($3.50)

The carrot and pineapple cake was moist and soft with bursts of sweetness from the bits of pineapple. The cream cheese frosting was, again, delicious with this cake. Cream cheese with anything is good! The Carrot Top is considered a ‘super cake’ as it has more ingredients.

Carrot Top – carrot & pineapple with cream cheese frosting and coconut ($4.00)
The cupcake prices are on par with the many other cupcake retailers and I’m finding that the vegan cupcake stores in Melbourne are outclassing the normal ones – Mr Nice Guy Vegan Cupcakes and Merry Cupcakes.

The logo is simple and almost too cute for words. I appreciate that their boxes hold the cupcakes in their places so that my clumsy nature will have no affect on the wonderful looking cupcakes.

The cupcakes are yummy so that you don’t even realise that you’re eating a healthier version. There were some cupcakes that weren’t as good as others but Merry Cupcakes is a new venture that is continually working to improve their flavours. The staff there are very charming and helpful; I am very keen to come back and try out the rest of the flavours that I missed out on. Just to whet you appetite – Blueberry Pancake, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Banana Split and Save the Date (sticky date & butterscotch frosting) cupcakes anyone??

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