Peko Peko

                                   Peko Peko is a modern Taiwanese cafe in South Melbourne that has quite the fan base, especially when it comes to their so-called addictive ‘pop chicken’. It can be recognised by the bright signage with a comical cartoon face on it, and inside the restaurant it is spacious and modern with dark furniture.

The double-sided A3 sized menu can be overwhelming but with such commotion being made about the ‘Pop chicken’, it was hard not to give it a try. The ‘Pop chicken’ was crisp yet inside was juicy and tender. Initially Mr A thought it was nice but didn’t think it was addictive as others claimed it to be – although as he continued to chomp away, he did admit that he was enjoying it more with every bite.

Pop chicken peko box ($12.50)

The cold weather called for something warm so I looked over the noodle dishes and eventually decided on the ‘Beef About’ noodle dish. The noodles were slippery and slightly chewy, going well with the rich and complex beef broth. With almost a herbal taste to the noodles, it was topped with beef slices, crunchy bok choy and pickled vegetables to add on the side.

Beef About ($11.50)

With our bellies full, we were promptly brought out a dessert menu. Sadly there was no black sesame pannacotta on the specials board so I settled with the earl grey tea version. The pannacotta was firm and smooth with a definitive earl grey tea taste and surprisingly went well with the delicious nutty black sesame ice cream.

Earl grey tea pannacotta with black sesame ice cream ($8)

Mr A went with the soft centre chocolate pudding which indeed had a soft centre, so it wasn’t oozing out liquid chocolate but fudgey and gooey enough to satisfy.

Soft centre chocolate pudding with black sesame ice cream ($8.50)

Our quick meal at Peko Peko was tasty and effortless – we enjoyed it very much and the service was friendly. The prices were reasonable and good for value with the exception of the desserts which we felt were on the small side so next time we would most likely skip unless the black sesame pannacotta was available. We visited on Thursday at 6:30pm and it was almost full so I would recommend making a booking if you plan to visit. I can’t wait to try out the rest of their expansive menu!

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