Are revisit posts annoying and a no-no? I think it's nice to be able to write up another blog post about the same place and say, yes it's still good and food is consistently good. Well if you like it or not, I rarely make return visits unless it's a favourite for me and Shyun is definitely a place that I can rely on consistently good and simple Japanese fare.

On Saturday, I was getting ansty seeing food pics posted on twitter and since it was 1pm already, I was starvin' marvin and irritated as heck that Mr A wouldn't move his butt to feeeeeed me. The first thing I will say when I wake up is that I'm hungry, my stomach rests for nobody, not even on a weekend. So we hopped to Carnegie to satisfy our my sashimi cravings at Shyun which was almost full by the time we arrived.

We ordered a variety of things to share instead of lunch bento boxes. The takoyaki were drizzled in kewpie mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce with bonito flakes and nori sprinkled on top. When I took a bite into the takoyaki, a few droplets of oil splattered on my plate however it didn't feel/taste greasy. They were extremely hot - crisp exterior, wonderfully creamy and tasty.


Eggplant may be one of my all-time favourite vegetables out there and in Japanese cuisine, it shines brightly. Shyun's nasu dengaku contains miso-flavoured mince meat and although the eggplant oozes out blobs of oil, we loved it. Silky, creamy eggplant with the sweet and salty miso-meat sauce was delicious. This seems easy to make and I intend to find a recipe to make it very soon.

Nasu dengaku - Miso glazed eggplant

We can never go to a Japanese restaurant and not order sashimi of some sort whereas sushi is just a waste of space in my stomach. The salmon was melt in your mouth tender and the white fish was firm, while the tuna was okay but then I find all tuna in Australia greatly lacking unless it's toro (tuna belly) with its lucious rivers of fat.

Sashimi omakase

The beef tataki was sliced thinly and very tender. It was great with the tangy ponzu sauce and tiny squeeze of creamy kewpie mayonnaise.

Beef tataki

These were slightly too sweet for my tastes. I much prefer the Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co ones.

Blood orange sparkling mineral water

I can always count on Shyun for a good feed but it's such a pity that it is a 30 minute drive from me. I still make the drive down there regardless of the distance because the price is good value and the food is authentic and fresh.

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Value: 8.5/10
Will I return? Yes, already have and will continue to do so.

126 Koornang Road
Carnegie VIC 3163
(03) 9569 6530

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  1. Please recipe for the eggplant! I love eggplant! Yum.

    And...those sashimi roses looks so pretty :)

  2. I have done a couple of revisit posts in the past - but only if the second visit was really, really bad haha.

    I've been here once before but never got around to blogging about it cos I lost the photos :( I think that's a legit excuse for me to revisit and try some of the dishes you had. Love the omakase, so pretty!

  3. Revisit posts are definitely NOT a nono :) I love reading them and seeing the other dishes you try! I use to go to Uni at Caulfield and would come to Shyun all the time ~ but now that i'm working and in the city lol I'm kicking myself for not taking photos back then.

    Now will need to make time and blog about it :P

    1. Haha you can take Mr Bao back there since he loves Japanese so much!

  4. I think revist posts are great, especially now that so many places in melbourne are doing seasonal/rotating menus (as they should!), so old reviews can get outdated pretty quickly. Plus, shyun really is quite lovely :)

    1. Yeah, sometimes I'm a bit frustrated when there are no new posts about a place but with Shyun, I don't think it'll ever happen since it's so popular :)

  5. Mmmm luscious rivers of fat. Man that sounds good!

    The takoyaki also looks to die for. Seriously having cravings. Been dying to check out this place...!

    1. You should make a visit! It's definitely my go-to local spot for good value and fresh japanese food :)


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