Yo-Chi Frozen Yogurt

                                      I have an addiction to frozen yoghurt. There, I said it. It all started during my trip to America when I visited a pinkberry store and since coming back to Australia, the lack of frozen yoghurt retailers almost makes me want to cry. I’m always on the hunt for new places to have froyo and with the city well and truly covered by my favourite place, Tutti Fruitti, the search has now relocated to the ‘burbs. Yo-Chi is a frozen yoghurt franchise situated in Balaclava and has only been open for seven weeks. I was talking to a friend about how it had only just newly opened and the flavours they had so after dinner, we decided to make a froyo pit stop before relocating back at our friend’s place.

I found parking just outside the store which was great and I was surprised to see how large the store space was and just how many people were there.

Walking to the back of the store, there were 8 different flavours available that day. I was disappointed they didn’t have green tea but with the variety, I didn’t delay too long. They had 3 cup sizes ranging from small, medium to large.

After swirling the frozen yoghurt, there was a long line formed against this toppings bar. The vast options almost overwhelm you but at the same time, the colourful array bring out the child in you.

I always have my froyo naked – I don’t like the idea of toppings detracting from the flavours of the frozen yoghurt. It looks incredibly bare but at least I do a good swirl – I didn’t work at Wendy’s and Baskin Robbins all those years for nothing! The chocolate was rich and reminiscent of milk with a slight sour aftertaste; the coconut was full of flavour and quite nice and the original tart was my favourite with a good amount of sourness to it.

And below are the others’ cups which I give a ‘F’ for swirling 😉

One of the guys loved the crumble so much that he went back to the toppings bar and filled up a large cup with crumble to take home and eat with vanilla ice cream. The crumble contained 9 different types of nuts and we were also able to see flakes of desiccated coconut in it as well.

At Yo-Chi, they charge by weight, so instead of paying individually for toppings like at some frozen yoghurt stores (which charge ~$1 per topping), it is all calculated together when you have finished with your creation. For every 100 grams, it is a cost of $2.80. For my plain froyo, I paid $6.50 which was roughly the same as everyone else’s. It does seem quite expensive but given that there aren’t that many frozen yoghurt shops in Melbourne yet and this is the normal price among them, I think it’s reasonable. They are open until late which is great to satisfy those late night froyo cravings. I know I’ll be back and hopefully they’ll have a good green tea flavour available next time.

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