Sometimes we'll be driving somewhere and something will catch my eye to which I make a mental note to look up later. We were driving just north of the city when I saw a few people dressed up nicely milling around in front of a residential looking area. I thought surely it couldn't be a restaurant, until we drove past and I saw the sign 'Epocha' and thus made my mental note. In the experienced hands of Angie Giannakodakis and Guy Holder, Epocha is set in a Victorian terrace in Carlton and opened in late September.

The bread was warm and soft and reminded me of a spiced bread with the aroma of cocoa.

Black bread with cardamon and house churned butter  

The duck rillettes were seasoned well and with a smooth consistency, they were complemented by the pickled radishes and soft boiled quail egg. There was also a sweetened apricot/peach (I forgot which) type fruit which went extremely well against the salty duck rillettes.

Pork rillettes with pickled radish and soft boiled quail egg 

The duck liver pate was rich, smooth and moreish although the crisp biscuits were a touch over-salted for my liking. I much preferred to eat the pate with the bread - delicious!

Duck liver pate 

My favourite dish of the night were the veal sweetbreads. They were tender, velvety and would even sway those on the fence in regards to offal. The onion-based béchamel sauce was perfect in conjunction with the sweetbreads and savoury chicken sauce. This would certainly be on the list of dishes to reorder.

Veal sweetbreads, soubise, chicken sauce 

The heirloom carrots were still quite raw and too hard for Mr A's preference but I didn't mind it so much. They were bathed in creamy and honeyed concoction which went so well together.

 Baby carrots, honey, goat's curd, sesame, beetroot

Pork done three ways, how could we resist? The pork belly was tender with a crisp skin, the pork neck was succulent and rich but the pork jowl was the winner on the plate. It was so tender it could melt in my mouth, incredibly luxurious and delicious. Sorry for the horrible photo, I was rushing to eat!

Pig - belly, jowl, neck

We didn't want to be overwhelmed with meat so we opted for a main of potato and calcot pie. It was similar to scalloped potatoes inside a buttery and flaky pastry. It was quite a rich dish and had we not been getting extremely full, we probably would have been able to eaten more than half of it.

 Potato, calcot and gruyere pie

They have their dessert offerings trollied out but we were stuffed to the point of imminent food-coma so we declined. We were struggling so much, we had to have a quick rest in the car before gathering the strength to drive back to the city!

The space has retained some aspects of its former glory and shows an interesting mixture of old and new.

Our waitress that night was delightful and incredibly helpful. The food at Epocha was superb and the service was the perfect balance of attentiveness so we were well looked after in all aspects. I can't fault a single thing so I would love to come back for another visit soon.

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Value: 7.5/10
Will I return? Yes, we had an excellent meal!

49 Rathdowne Street
Carlton VIC 3053
(03) 9036 4949

Lunch 12pm onwards Thursday - Sunday
Dinner 5:30pm onwards Tuesday - Saturday

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  1. This looks fantastic (and I think Angie is ex-Press Club too). Must pay a visit sometime!

    1. Yes she is! A familiar face, and the food was fab! I wonder what the plans are for the Press Club since they're renovating or something at the moment?

  2. I haven't heard of this place, looks very interesting. I love finding good restaurants by chance like this. :) That black bread looks so delicious!

    1. This place is quite unknown at the moment but I think it will do really well! :)

  3. Oh my the Potato, calcot and gruyere pie looks really nice! I want!!!

    1. So yummy, just sad I wasn't able to eat more than half haha :(

  4. Hahhaha it's like you read my mind! LOL I drive past this place all the time and was thinking to myself whether or not I should try :)

    Good to hear the service was good and also the food was yummy! Damn you didn't have dessert :P I wanted to seeeeeeeeee ~

    1. Haha I was sooo sad I didn't get dessert but my stomach was resisting me! This place is pretty awesome though :)


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