Purple Peanuts and Peko Peko revisited

These days, I'm starting to catch the train from Southern Cross Station which I would relate to walking around in Asia - annoyingly crowded with pushy people. A complete nightmare in my books as I hate crowds (with a passion) and I usually come out the end, red-faced, sweaty with scuffs on my shoes from people stepping on me (WHY!!). The silver lining is that I get to try out restaurants this side of town which I normally don't visit. My first stop was Purple Peanuts after work one day, which is very popular especially during lunch hours. Purple Peanuts has a small range of modern Japanese dishes written up on the board and also offer sushi rolls at the counter, although I found the prices of the sushi rolls steep compared to my usual sushi store, Sushi Monger.

I ended up ordering for both Mr A and I as he couldn't make out anything on the board and Pork belly is always a good choice when I see it on the menu. The Japanese rendition of it results in a slow braised, tender meat so who can lose. The pork belly was complemented by a sweet and spicy sauce and some savoury broth. On the side was a mix of salad leaves and pickled vegetables which didn't do much for me.

Kakuni Pork (9.50)

I was craving gyu-don so I assumed that Gyuzara would be the same, if not similar. The thin strips of beef marinated in a sweet soy-based broth were satisfying to my empty stomach and the rice soaked in the flavoursome broth made for a hearty meal.

Gyuzara ($8.90)

The miso soup had a variety of vegetables mixed into the soup which added a sweet taste to it but I didn't like it as much as the normal savoury miso flavour and would have much preferred the typical addition of seaweed and tofu.

Miso Soup ($2 extra with meal)

Purple Peanuts offer a simple menu with a modern twist and the prices are at good value considering the location. I wouldn't hesitate to return for dinner or lunch if I can skip the lines but I'll be giving the miso soup a miss next time. Check it out!

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Will I return? Yes, for a quick and tasty bite.

Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe
620 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9620 9548

Mon to Sat 10am - 8:30pm

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Onto another modern cafe, I revisited Peko Peko and it was still as wholesome, tasty and easy on the wallet as ever.

Mr A wanted to take his parents out to eat Taiwanese so Peko Peko was a great, affordable spot.

Starting off with the Taiwanese sausages which were fatty with a sweet taste and I could have eaten this serving all to myself. A great snack to ease our stomachs in before our dishes arrived.

Taiwanese sausage ($7.50)

We didn't think the devil chicken ribs were anything special as we had an expectation that they would have a fiery kick hence the name 'devil' but nonetheless, they were crispy outside, tender inside and well cooked.

Devil Chicken Ribs ($8.50)

Once again, I ordered the About Beef noodle soup and it was wholesome, hearty with a herbal taste. The noodles were softer this time which let the dish down as I really enjoyed the al dente texture on my previous visit.

About Beef noodle soup ($11.50)

The pop chicken was consistently nice and crunchy but with such a large amount piled into the bento box, I would never be able to get through the serving.

Pop chicken peko box ($12.50)

The honey glazed chicken was very crisp and sticky with a light honey flavour; usually I detest dishes like these but Ming recommended it and I have to agree that it is indeed yum!

Honey glazed chicken peko box ($12.50)

Gotta love it when a family of 6 can eat dinner and be stuffed for just under $90. Peko Peko isn't anything fancy but it's great value for delicious and satisfying food.

Apparently the world is coming to an end this Friday, but that doesn't stop me from making restaurant reservations - we're going out to celebrate one of our good friend's birthday which should be lots of fun! Anyone stockpiling food?

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Value: 9/10
Will I return? Yes, the food is tasty and excellent value.

Peko Peko
190 Wells Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205
(03) 9686 1109

Mon - Thurs 10:30am - 9pm
Fri 10:30am - 9:30pm
Sat 12pm - 9:00pm

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  1. lol welcome to my world... ass end of town... and yes Purple Peanuts is one of my weekly rituals, along with fellow Japanese place "Brim CC Japanese Organic Cafe" on Little Collins St (enter in from Spencer). Mmm Chicken Curry Don mmm mmm :)

    1. Hehe I need to give Brim CC a try! Thanks for the rec Dace! Haha your ass end of town is a pain to get to!!

  2. Oh gosh I know what you mean about crowds! Is it just me or is the city getting worse? :( so many people rahhhh!

    Ohh purple peanuts :) I was gonna go tomorrow night but then we decided to have Korean ~ It's nice to know a place offers decent Japanese meals and wont cost an am or a leg.

    I work super close to Peko Peko and go all the time and have been meaning to blog about it for the LONGEST time! But always forget to bring my camera damnnnnn I love their pop chicken and you didn't try any desserts? Their Earl Grey panna cotta is good!!! :D Oh and Japanese cheesecake hehe

    1. Hehe the family didn't wanna try any desserts :(

      Yes, the city is getting out of control, especially with the christmas crowds now!! Lucky you're going away soon :)

  3. Ahhh thanks for the mention, good to see you liked the honey chicken too! :D

    You should give the fisherman's lunch at purple peanuts a go - so fresh and delicious! Though how I went this long without trying the pork belly is beyond me...

    1. It was yummy! :) I'll try it next time I go to Purple Peanuts, didn't see it on the menu!?

  4. I'm trying to avoid CBD in a rush hour, but it's sometimes not possible. I'm a sweet tooth, so honey chicken sounds good for me!

    1. I know, CBD is an absolute mess at most times so South Melbourne is so much easier to get to.

  5. Devil Chicken Ribs and Pop chicken peko box looks so delicious.


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