Rosetta Ristorante

It seems like Neil Perry can do no wrong. With multiple restaurants under his helm, creating an exclusive menu for first and business class passengers on Qantas, writing numerous cookbooks and appearing on several media outlets - all while maintaining the popularity and success of his restaurants, Neil Perry is a busy, busy man. Rosetta is his Italian outpost in Melbourne's Crown Casino and despite the mixed reviews and high prices, I was very curious to check it out. I remember coming across a blog post by Tania, 'Neil Perry wants to be my nonna...' and it made me L.O.L. Now, if only Neil Perry could be those things!

Rosetta is exudes old world opulence and luxury transporting you back in time with a glamour wall dedicated to the greats in Italy's history. With luxurious tufted booth seating, extravagant chandeliers, marble floors and tabletops, finished with wispy ruched curtains bordering the floor to ceiling windows, you certainly feel like you're in a beautiful seaside restaurant in Italy. As you can see, Rosetta is all about the luxe Italian experience.

Seeing that it was a crazy hot day, I cooled down with a G&T while she opted for a glass of Rosé which wasn't overly sweet.

Gin and Tonic ($12) & a glass of SC Pannell Nebbiolo ($11)

The focaccia was constantly being topped up on our plates whenever we finished it, and it was really great with the fruity olive oil which was sourced from Italy. The grissinis were very crunchy which I liked over the focaccia.

Bread and grissinis

Olive oil

We both love mushrooms so we decided to share an entrée of grilled mushrooms and pecorino cheese. The array of mushrooms were heady with the aroma of garlic and olive oil and deliciously earthy with the sharp, salty pecorino.

Funghi Marinati - Charcoal grilled marinated mushrooms with pecorino ($21)

Our waiter explained that all the pastas are all made in-house and cooked to al dente. The prices on the menu reflect entrée sized pastas although main sizes can be ordered. We were recommended the following pasta dish, after we umming and ahhing over the large menu, we finally gave up and took our waiter's recommendation. The flavours were light yet flavoursome, the prawns were juicy and tender while the pistachios added a buttery, nutty flavour.

Spaghetti alla Chitarra - Prawns and pistachio ($35)

The chef kindly sliced up the suckling pig in half so it was easier to share between the two of us. The skin was incredibly crispy that we could hear it crunching in each others' mouth! The mustard fruits are candied fruits in a mustard flavoured syrup which sounded strange but complemented the salty and sticky suckling pig as they were like a sweet, wasabi hit. It probably would have been easier if these were sliced up into smaller pieces though as we were struggling to cut through the crisp crackling.

Porchetta - Wood fire roasted suckling pig with mustard fruits ($42)

The potatoes were firm inside, crisp outside and seasoned well. They were a great and filling side for the Porchetta however we struggled to finish it all.

Patate - Crispy potatoes with garlic and rosemary salt ($10)

The panna cotta with the raspberries was a nice balance between tart and sweet and went so well together. It was a fantastic combination especially seeing as I'm only just starting to appreciate raspberries. The panna cotta had speckles of vanilla bean and was so deliciously wobbly, it is apparent they used minimal gelatin for it to set. I can't wait to try recreate this at home!

Panna Cotta with fresh raspberries ($21)

We ordered two flavours from the assorted gelati and sorbetti menu - the lemon sorbet was intensely sour with the flavour being similar to a sour lemonade syrup so I wasn't able to have much of it; the chocolate gelato had a rich and dark flavour so I enjoyed this creamy concoction a lot. The flavour of the flower shaped cinnamon wafer reminded me of a cinnamon donut and was incredibly cute with Rosetta written on it.

Chocolate gelato and lemon sorbet ($12)

I really enjoyed the food at Rosetta and I felt like I was transported to Italy in that one night. The service was impeccable and our waiter helped us with some recommendations when we were stuck on all the options, although service got slower towards the end of the night when the restaurant became busier. I would love to come back again to try out the rest of the menu, although since the prices are on  the pricier side, my visits will be saved for special occasions.

I hope you all have a great NYE and enjoy the celebrations. Planning on making any new year resolutions? I've made two for 2013 - let's hope I can keep to them, fingers crossed! Stay safe ya'll xx

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Value: 6.5/10
Will I return? Yes, loved the food and the luxe ambience.

Rosetta Ristorante
Crown Casino
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank VIC 3006
(03) 8648 1999

Tues to Sun midday - 3pm
Mon to Sun 6pm - 11pm

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  1. YAY! Glad you liked Rosetta as I've heard mixed reviews and when I went my suckling pig wasn't crackling as much damnnnn >_<

    I love their panna cotta though and next time you go try the pistachio gelato it's the best! :D

    1. Yeah, I read your post so I was hoping our crackling wouldn't suffer the same results as yours. We were quite lucky :D
      God, I love their panna cotta.. I'm hoping to recreate soon but I'll try pistachio next time. Thanks Daisy!

  2. Oh hehe Happy New years! I've got a couple of new years resolutions written up...but um hahaha not sure if i'll stick to them oops :P

    1. Haha NY resolutions are made to be broken but if you make the effort, that's all that counts :)

  3. The fit out is gorgeous, looks like some high end hotel restaurant in Milano in the 1970s. However the prices are obscenely high - Italian food is about simple food from the land made with love. Nello Perreri tries to be in too many places at once.
    All that said, I love your blog!

    1. Yes, it is incredibly gorgeous there - outside especially so as it feels like you're on the beach! The prices are very high, I agree but I feel that way about certain cuisines and since I'm not well versed in Italian cuisine, I'm okay paying that price *once* in a while :) Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate your comments!

  4. Wow, I absolutely love the decor! Don't see a lot of it in Melbourne! :)

    Your dishes look absolutely divine, I love entree sized pastas...mains are usually much too big...especially when you want to have dessert too! I've heard mixed reviews, but based off your visit I think I need to go now...!

    1. You should see outside, the al fresco area is stunning!
      Yes I was very wary due to all the mixed reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, only the price was the downfall. :)

  5. eeek... i didn't like it - at all! upward of $90 for a mediocre pasta... insane...my partner and i obviously chose the wrong food!

    neil perry's restaurants always get better as they go so i have faith. rockpool is my alltime fave :)

    1. There have been a lot of mixed reviews for Rosetta so I'm not surprised you had a bad experience. I'm just glad I lucked out!
      Rockpool do good steak but I'm keen to try Spice Temple - had heard great things about their ribs! :)


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