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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seven Seeds

This post is on a bitter sweet note. One of my closest girls is moving up and forward in the world and relocating away from Melbourne. I'm ecstatically happy for her but sad at the same time to say goodbye. In my circle of friends, one can never leave town without having a big hoopla which inevitably turns to many, many drinks and the following day, we had a recovery brunch session. We decided to meet at Seven Seeds for a last "good coffee" and having visited numerous times before, I liked both the food and coffee very much. I received my Christmas present early (woohoo!) and wanted to play around with my fisheye lens but still need to calibrate it for sharper photos.

The space at Seven Seeds is airy and has sort of a refined warehouse feel with a natural touch, thanks to the windows filled with greenery.

The coffees were excellent as usual and my magic gave me head spins which is always a good sign of a strong coffee.

Magic ($4.50)

Our tastes were all aligned that day and the girls went for a light, fresh option while the guys fell for the temptation of the sous vide Eggs Royale. We only experienced one mishap throughout our meal which was the lengthy delay between coffees and food. We chatted away trying not to take notice of the time but eventually, even the waitress realised that the food was taking much too long (~1 hour after ordering) and came back to alert us that our food order was never processed. Not good news to hear when our stomachs were eating away at themselves but after confirming our orders once again, we got our food shortly after.

The vibrant heirloom tomatoes were a mix of sweet and tart flavours which went amazingly with the herb flavoured avocado and the sponge-like milky mozzerella cheese. The sourdough was studded with a variety of seeds and kernels and drizzled with the tangy vinaigrette, it was the perfect light meal.

Heirloom tomatoes with fior di latte, avocado, fresh herbs & vinaigrette on toasted sourdough ($15)

The boys were loving their Eggs Royale dish - the eggs were perfectly cooked and smothered in hollandaise, teaming well with the grilled asparagus and crispy capers. I had a taste and especially loved the custard-like texture of the sous vide eggs.

 Eggs Royale: two eggs cooked sous vide & grilled asparagus, crispy capers & hollandaise on toasted ciabatta ($17)

It was a crazy hot day but inside Seven Seeds, it was cool and breezy. Majority of people must have been chilling at the beach as there were less people than normal, so we were able to relax and chat away long after we finished our meals.

The delay in receiving our food was unfortunate as the service was friendly and when the problem was discovered, she was apologetic but it didn't seem like too big of a deal to her despite the huge delay. Overall though, I can always rely on Seven Seeds for good coffee and food so we all left satisfied, full from a good meal and lots of laughter from hilarious conversations. We will miss you S, love you and wishing you all the best!! Hope this 'last good coffee' tides you over for awhile.

Food: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Value: 7.5/10
Will I return? Yes, excellent food and coffee and wait time for table wasn't ridiculous as many other places.

Seven Seeds
114 Berkeley Street
Carlton VIC 3053
(03) 9347 8664

Mon to Sat 7am - 5pm
Sun 8am - 5pm

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12 thoughts:

  1. Ahh it's always sad when someone moves away (though I'm hoping it'll be my turn in the next year or so! *grins*)

    Love Seven Seeds and love the fish eye effects in the first few pics!

    1. Haha I hope to do so too but need time and money!

  2. Oh it's sad that your friend is moving away :( But I guess it's also exciting for her because she's going to have a whole new experience!

    I'm actually planning to move too hahaha kinda want to try something new too ~

    Damn it's annoying that the food took so long and I agree the food and coffee and service is great...but just the wait is CRAZY hehe

    1. Yeah getting around to moving away is the hard part for me, saving up money and eating aren't a good combo ><

  3. Hey hunz,
    Oh what shame for them to NOT put through your order :(
    I actually have the same problem there - the food is great, but the wait time is very lengthy, and it feels as though they forget you sometimes.

    And loving the fishy effect ;)


    1. I know, we were dying at that point but thankfully the food came quickly after that. Hehe thanks, I want to keep experimenting with it!

  4. *Kicks wall* Seven Seeds pleaaaaaaaaase move to somewhere close to my office in Docklaaaaaands!!!
    Or at least open "Eight Flowers" or a sister cafe in Docklands *shakes fist*

    1. LOL! Poor Dave, you need to find a new job..

  5. I LOVED the sous vide eggs! :D

    1. Haha me toooo! So delicious with the hollandaise.

  6. It's always sad when a good friend moves away but hey, now you have free holiday lodging in another part of the world! Loving the fishy effects in the first few photos :D

    1. Haha I know! I've been told to come visit so looking forward to that. And thanks Ming! :)


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