Duchess of Spotswood

Duchess of Spotswood has always been on my radar, but I'm certain that it is on most people's places-to-go list if they haven't already visited. And if you haven't, don't delay any longer. Ms L and I made it our mission to cross the Westgate bridge for their Breakfast menu which they stop serving at 11.45am. Usually we meet up in the afternoon but we made it a special case to wake up early to cross the bridge; an effort which we were well rewarded for. We were led around to the back area of the cafe, with a cool breeze it was a lovely spot if you don't take into account the irritating flies which kept trying to sit on our food throughout our meal. For future reference, I think it's much wiser to wait for a table inside and avoid eating like us - with a fork in one hand and the other hand free to swat the flies away.

We ordered our drinks first and Ms L seemed very pleased with her long mac and it was just strong enough to wake her up.

Long macchiato 

It was too warm for a coffee so I decided to have a juice instead. The pineapple and mint juice sounded delightful and it was thirst-quenching, although it sounded better than it tasted.

Parker's pineapple and mint juice 

I had a quick look through the menu but I had already decided what I wanted before arriving - the Duchess of pork. The pig's jowl was tender inside with a crisp exterior while the sunny side up eggs were perfectly cooked with a sprinkling of truffle sauce. I generally find that sometimes bread is too crispy and cuts into my mouth, but here, the bread was light and airy with a crunchy crust, perfect for mopping up the mixture of egg yolk and rich sauce.

Duchess of pork - crispy pig’s jowl with fried eggs, rich truffle sauce & sourdough toast ($18.50)

Ms L couldn't resist the simple pleasures as she loves zucchini and it proved to be an excellent choice. The crumbed zucchini flower was light and crisp, the grilled zucchini slices was sweet and smoky; combined with the poached egg, tangy goats curd and slivers of lemon flesh, it was sensational. 

Simple Pleasures - crumbed zucchini flower, grilled zucchini, goats curd, poached egg & sourdough toast ($)

Our breakfasts were accompanied by a disc of butter for our bread. We love ourselves some butter.


The back area of the cafe had a relaxed feel to it and plenty of little ones enjoyed running around the space.

Inside, the music gave the cafe a busier and energetic vibe. The cakes near the front could easily entice anyone into squeezing something extra into their stomachs.

Our breakfast was superb and we were so glad to travelled out west of Melbourne to try this little gem. Although their breakfast menu ensures you wake up early before it transcends into an entirely different lunch menu, I wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again.

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Value: 8/10
Will I return? Yes, execution of food was fantastic and worth a return visit.

Duchess of Spotswood
87 Hudsons Road
Spotswood VIC 3015
(03) 9391 6016

Mon to Fri 7am - 3pm
Sat to Sun 8am - 4pm

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