The Lunar New Year passed just a few weeks ago and there are so many superstitions one is supposed to adhere to for luck and prosperity. There are many taboos and superstitions associated with the new year and although I am not a firm believer in these superstitions, since it's tradition I play along. Due to Mr A's stubbornness to book in a hair appointment earlier as LNY was approaching (you're not supposed to cut your hair in the first month as it means you're cutting off all your luck), we had to drag ourselves out of bed after 4 hours of sleep to make it to his darn 9am appointment. Considering I was waking up early for his folly with little sleep, I had to at least benefit from a breakfast outing afterwards so off we went to Giddiup in South Melbourne to meet a friend who lived nearby.

I really like the atmosphere of South Melbourne, especially in the vicinity of the market, and there are cafes hidden in little nooks and crannies so it is possible they're overlooked. Giddiup is located on a main street in South Melbourne conjoined with a design store. The interior is bare and minimalistic; not to the extent of feeling sterile as the wooden ascents, colourful milk crates and natural light really add spunk to the place.

Giddiup offers a variety of ready-made sandwiches and pastries at the counter as well as a short and sweet breakfast menu.


We were dying for some coffee so our drinks were ordered while we decided on food. Mr D had his usual latte and seemed happy with it.

Strong latte ($3)

Our coffees were incredibly creamy and strong so we thoroughly enjoyed them. If I didn't have a habit of getting light-headed and my vision going all dream-like from having too much caffeine, I would have gone for round two.

Double ristretto flat whites ($3)

I discovered a cute message behind our table number while the guys were talking boring soccer news and Football Manager tactics.

I wanted something substantial although not too heavy on my stomach so the chunky avocado and goats cheese on multigrain was perfect. The firm, creamy avocado played well against the tangy goats cheese and lemon, and the addition of the sautéed butter and herb mushrooms gave a lovely rich, meaty element to the dish. It was such a simple dish and exactly what I had in mind so I was really pleased with it.

Avocado, goats cheese with sea salt, olive oil & lemon on multigrain with a side of buttered mushrooms ($14.50)

Mr A decided on the Eggs florentine, a simple yet well executed signature breakfast dish. The poached eggs were perfectly cooked and the creamy, tangy hollandaise sauce brought the dish together.

Eggs Florentine - two poached eggs, spinach & hollandaise ($13.50)

Mr D was interested by the flavour combination of the bircher muesli despite Mr A & I turning our noses up at the mention of a healthy breakfast. He thought it was nice although it probably wasn't filling enough for him as he tucked into some of our dishes as well.

Apple, hazelnut & cranberry Bircher & yoghurt with vanilla poached pear ($10.50)

Giddiup is a small cafe only seating just over ten customers at a time which is a nice change from the crazy, bustling cafes that I have encountered recently. The atmosphere is very relaxing and chill, while service is great - our waitress friendly and bubbly, even offering to split up the bill for us which is a rarity. A great little cafe which has convinced me to come back again soon and the pricing was at fantastic value.

Food: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Value: 9/10
Will I return? Yes, enjoyed our visit and the coffees were great.

269 Coventry Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205
(03) 9682 8820

Mon to Fri 8am - 3pm
Sat & Sun 8am - 3pm

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  1. LOL my whole family is superstitious... so i know what you mean about having to do things before the start of CNY :P

    Ohhh Giddiup I went there last time when Chez Dre was super busy ~ I like how simple their dishes are and loved their Bircher Muesli SO MUCH :D If I had the chance I wouldn't mind living in South Melbourne with the market there and so many cafes hehe

    1. Haha I think it's better to be safe than sorry :P even if it is a little overboard at times!

      I was definitely thinking the same thing, I'd LOVE to live there.. totally love the vibe and food there!

  2. OH MY GOD. All I can see in this blog post... are the MUSHROOMS.
    I WANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. *sigh* I think I might need to buy mushrooms during lunch. This getting unbearable.

    LOL and yeah, my family has the same superstitions as well. i dont think I've thrown out rubbish or cut my hair during CNY. LOL.

    1. Haha I knew you'd be happy over those mushrooms and they were indeed delish. I totally forgot about throwing out rubbish on CNY lol I hope i didn't..


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