A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me is a fresh new cafe tucked away in a laneway which will first capture your attention with their soft tunes drifting out to the street, and then you will notice the entire glass frontage with its bright blue feature kitchen islands. The floor to ceiling window treatments and high ceilings create an ample space which has a lofty, airy feeling - resulting in quite a harmonious ambiance. Partners, Caleb Heaney and Rebecca Notley have teamed up to utilise their individual talents to bring about this sweet cafe; Caleb is a veteran in the coffee industry while Rebecca brought about the design concept.

My visit was actually to purchase some lovely Bahen & Co chocolate they stock but I made sure to come back again to meet a friend, who was in town for one day only (she's a jetsetter, you see). I was extremely keen for coffee and wanted to indulge in Matt Forbe's cakes and Lune Croissanterie's pastries.

They use Seven Seeds here, seeing as Caleb worked extensively with them, and my magic was appropriately strong and really enjoyable.

Magic ($4)

Jetsetter loved her flat white, missing Melbourne's coffee, and found that she didn't need any sugar with it.

Flat white ($4)

At the front counter, they have a scrumptious array of baked good which I couldn't go past. Lune Croissanterie deliver a variety of pastries - from ham and cheese croissants to rhubarb Danishes and chocolate-almond croissants. Dusted with a blanket of icing sugar and toasted almonds, the chocolate-almond croissant was all sorts of wonderful layers of buttery flakiness with a line of chocolate filling. It went so well with my magic so I was very satisfied.

Lune Croissanterie's Chocolate-Almond Croissant ($5)

Jetsetter went for the the Fig Danish which was absolutely delicious and my favourite between the two pastries. The fig was soft and went well in the sweet, velvety crème pâtissière centre of the flaky pastry. I'm biased though, as I'm infatuated with figs.

Lune Croissanterie's Fig Danish ($5)

Also featuring at A Little Bird Told Me are cakes which are baked by Matt Forbes. Having worked in numerous Michelin starred and hatted restaurants, his discipline and skill can be seen and tasted in his exquisite sweets.

Matt Forbe's goodies

As always, I was overcome by the cakes and had a couple boxed up for take away to share with Mr A later that night. The more unique looking treats caught my eye, being the lamington and the gingerbread and toffee buttercream whoopie pie. The lamington was dense without being overly rich from the chocolate and roasted coconut, while the thick raspberry jam added a nice tart, sweetness to it.

Matt Forbe's Lamington ($5)

The gingerbread cake was light and warm with spices and went incredibly well with the slightly salted toffee buttercream filling. I started to regret asking Mr A to cut me a smaller portion but hey presto, his sizable portion had already disappeared.

Matt Forbe's Gingerbread & Toffee Buttercream Whoopie Pie ($5)

Naturally, more visits ensue to sample Matt Forbe's doughnuts. A Little Bird Told Me have only just recently started trading on Saturdays and I managed to snag the last available doughnut that day. Sadly, I missed out on the crowd favourite, the salted caramel doughnut, however the raspberry is tasty with a lovely tang to the light doughnut. The coffees were consistently strong and lovely as per usual.

Matt Forbe's raspberry doughnut ($5)

Magics ($4 each)

I can see myself visiting A Little Bird Told Me often as the vibe is very relaxed and calm. I felt totally at peace here and service is friendly and helpful as I was enquiring about every single cake (delivered weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays) and pastry (daily deliveries). Serving up fantastic coffee and sweets, I think I just found my new favourite cafe in the city.

Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Value: 8/10
Will I return? Yes, loved the vibe and coffee here.

A Little Bird Told Me
29 Little Latrobe Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Mon to Fri 7am - 5pm
Sat 9:30am - 4pm

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  1. This place looks really cute! And I love the name - looking forward to visiting it soon :)

    1. It really is too cute and worth checking out! Hope you get to visit soon :D

  2. Love the photos! Need to visit need to visit :) Will have to go soon ~ Love the look of the fig danish and lamington!

    1. You should visit! The cakes are sooo good there :)

  3. Lol, you've pretty much gone through all their desserts by now :)

    This is my favorite hideout coz its close to work :p not that you don't know that already haha

    1. It's my favourite hideout in the city too :P I still want to try the salted caramel doughnut though!

  4. I've seen a few small-scale cafes with those baked goodies on display and wondered where they were sourced from. Thanks for that info!

    1. No problems! The pastries and cakes are fab so they deserve to be given some love :)

  5. Love the pictures and I would definitely visit to eat the chocolate almond croissant because it’s my favorite.


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