Disclaimer: I was invited by Wrights PR to attend a bloggers lunch at GG. All thoughts and opinions are based purely on my experience at the time of visit.

GG is the perfect spot to hit up for a quick meal before a footy match at the MCG or simply the perfect setting for a long lunch/dinner to waste your day away in. In fact, that's exactly what we did at GG (the long lunch bit) when a few bloggers and I were invited to come down to sample their menu.

Chef Paul Dunlop has had his share of fancy shmancy menus and aims to bring impressively simple and casual food at GG with no sign of foams or needing to google foreign elements in the dish. With a rotisserie at the front of the kitchen, turning an assortment of meats and seafood, delicious smells of caramelising and cooked meats waft throughout the restaurant.

We were presented with a myriad of six different starters to pique our taste buds. All the starters were tasty; in particular, I liked the de-boned chicken wings with the caramelised almond vinaigrette, crisp aracini with a cheesy centre and the grilled meaty haloumi with the pickled zucchini strands.

Fried green olives gremolata mayo

Chicken wings crumbed, smoked almond vinaigrette & Arancini mozarella, parmesan, peas

Grilled haloumi courgette pickle & Crab crostini, shaved fennel, tarragon

My favourite starter would have to be the smoked ocean trout which was beautifully fresh and sweet with a wonderful balance of flavours from the pickled cucumbers and candied sesame biscuit.

Smoked ocean trout sesame, soused cucumber, apple

Our next course was the pan seared salmon which flaked away easily and was slightly pink in the centre with crispy skin. The sweet fennel puree was light yet flavoursome with the soft caramelised fennel bulb and bisque sauce.

Pan seared Tasmanian salmon fennel puree, caramelised fennel, bisque sauce

The lamb neck was incredibly tender and fall apart in a lovely, sticky rich sauce.

Lamb neck, shallot puree, black garlic

I loved the array of tomatoes with the crumbly buffalo mozzarella and acidic balsamic dressing which was refreshing contrasted against the rich lamb neck dish.

Tomatoes basil, buffalo mozzarella, balsamic

The rotisserie chicken was a mixture of tender meat and crunchy bits, all packed full of flavour with a squeeze of lemon.

Rotisserie chicken

To accompany the rotisserie chicken, crisp duck fat potatoes and a shaved cabbage salad with parmesan, lemon and olive oil were the perfect sides. One being moreish and the other fresh, cutting through the richness.

Potatoes duck fat

A platter of desserts were presented that made my inner-child supremely excited. My favourite desserts were the soft, tart lemon cake with thyme meringue and the smooth creme catalana with a layer of caramelised sugar on top.

Berry soup elder flower foam, sesame biscuit; Cornetto blood orange curd, pine nuts; Crema catalana & Lemon cake thyme meringue

A parting gift of macarons were given to us which was a sweet touch.


Our meal at GG was simple and well-executed and I can imagine many would find the menu incredibly appealing ranging from pastas and pizzas to the variety of rotisserie meats. I don't often have the bad luck of being dragged to a footy match but a quick drink and meal at GG would probably be the highlight of the day! Daisy from Never Too Sweet also attended the lunch so be sure to check out her post in the upcoming days.

Thanks to Judy and Georgina from Wrights PR for hosting us that day!

150 Clarendon Street
East Melbourne VIC 3002
(03) 8415 0411

Mon to Fri 11am - late
Sat & Sun 7am - late

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  1. This place looks like an easy to love place, though desserts look somewhat underwhelming, to be honest. Lol at the plates -- I've definitely seen them before at San Telmo and Trocadero. Whoever is making those plates has got a great business within the Melbourne restaurant network.

    1. Mains definitely trumped desserts but I loved the lemon curd cake! Haha it's just like how 'Made in Japan' plates are everywhere (maybe they are MIJ plates)! And I mean everrrrywherre.

  2. The desserts looked sooooo good I am so sad that I had to miss it :( I should have just told my manager that I felt sick and had to go home hahaha I'm going to have to go back soon and hopefully they'll still have the lemon curd cake!

    1. Haha you should have! It was so fun to laze around in the restaurant eating the dessert platter mmm


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