Hong Kong Dim Sum

It's often that we go and have supper with a group of friends after a night out and being local to Glen Waverley, there are a number of options at our avail. Many of the restaurants in the area have really bad reputations when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness (urgh, the things that we have seen and heard!!) so we typically stick to a reliable few. One being Hong Kong Dim Sum which does yum cha during the day and moonlights as a different restaurant serving up supper until late.

After a late night session at the Mornington Peninsula hot springs, we were mad with hunger and decided to have supper here. One of our requisite dishes to order is pippies in XO sauce with Chinese doughnuts. The crisp doughnuts soaked up the lovely, rich seafood sauce while the pippies were cooked well. The sauce was so delicious that after all the pippies were gone, we ordered another round of doughnuts to finish off with the remaining sauce.

Pippies in XO sauce with Chinese doughnuts ($20)

The beef brisket was tender and I especially loved the soft, gelatinous tendon bits that melted away in the mouth.

Beef brisket with tendon and radish

I love vegetable dishes at Chinese restaurants and they're especially great in a garlic sauce. The Chinese spinach was barely sauteed and tasted very fresh.

 Chinese spinach in garlic ($16.50)

The chewy, crispy pieces of battered beef were smothered in a sticky sweet and sour sauce, which I've had an aversion to all my life but have recently come to adore. This was addictively good and I couldn't stop picking at the dish.

Shredded beef in sweet and sour sauce ($19.50)

The thin layer of duck meat covered in a thick taro paste and then deep fried leaving a fluffy crisp exterior. The combination was strange concept to me (first time trying it) yet moreish-ly good with the gravy to cut through the "claggy-ness" of the dish.

Crispy taro crusted duck with gravy

Between five people who all had drinks, we spent just over $22 per head. According to our friends, the restaurant also serves a Lamb brisket hot pot which is always sold out early and smells incredibly enticing - something they have continuously tried to order after repeated visits without success.

After recommending Hong Kong Dim Sum to our other friends, we made a group effort to have dinner together before everyone jetted off for their own respective holidays. We left the majority of ordering in the hands of our friends as this was their first visit. The first dish was the pork belly and preserved vegetable claypot, hearty with the pork being tender and yielded little resistance.

 Pork belly & preserved vegetables in clay pot ($18.50)

A vegetable dish to break up all the meat dishes we ordered. The Chinese broccoli with garlic sauce was crunchy and flavoursome.

 Chinese broccoli in garlic sauce ($16.50)

There was only one dish that I wanted on the table and it was the beef in sweet and sour sauce. I have always looked at sweet and sour dishes with disdain and thought it was a dish more catered for the Western palate - how little did I know! I could not stop picking at this dish and probably snuck in more than my fair share.

 Shredded beef in sweet and sour sauce ($19.50)

Finally the reason why we had decided to come here, the lamb brisket hot pot. The soup was opaque from long hours of slow cooking bones. The dish was nice enough and lamb extremely tender however it didn't excite my taste buds much.

Lamb brisket hot pot ($32)

Among the other Chinese restaurants in Glen Waverley, I found the quality of Hong Kong Dim Sum to be far superior and does not leave me parched for water from MSG. My pick of the Chinese restaurants in Glen Waverley - having previously dined at Rock Kung and Ocean King on a bi-weekly basis, I much prefer Hong Kong Dim Sum now.

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Will I return? Yes, great food and good value.

Hong Kong Dim Sum
77 Kingsway
Glen Waverley VIC 3150
(03) 9545 3886

Daily 6pm - 2am

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