It's something to celebrate when the weather is amazing on the weekends and for once, you're able to go out and enjoy it without being cooped up in the office! Our plans to head out to the wineries fell through so instead we decided to bask in the sun and enjoy some food. Northcote seems to be a new dining hotspot that I am more than happy to venture out to these days and Barry is the new kid on the block (coincidently, right next to Merricote, another favourite of mine). You may recognise the clean, bright and simplistic aesthetic of Barry; along with Touchwood and Pillar of Salt, they have all been opened up by the same people.

We arrived slightly after Bestie S, so by that time, she had already nabbed a table after a brief wait outside. Bestie S chose the weather-appropriate iced coffee with honey, which towards the end overwhelmed her with the milkiness of it and possibly by the size of it too. Mr A and I enjoyed our coffees, both robust and strong as requested.

Strong latte ($3.80), flat white ($3.80) and iced coffee with honey ($5)

I had originally wanted to order this dish however Mr A also made the decision to order it as well so I changed my mind so that we would be able to sample more dishes. It was Mr A's fortune that I did because as soon as he took a bite out of the salad, he demanded a dish swap claiming it was too healthy. In the end, we both lucked out as I loved the dish. Despite being very healthy, the fresh elements and flavours of the dish made it stand out and the sweet pops of pomegranate contrasted well against the briny strips of the cucumber and gin cured ocean treat. There were plenty of super foods in this salad so I'll be keeping this one in mind for future recreations for work lunches.

Cucumber & gin cured ocean trout, freekeh, cauliflower, pomegranate, coriander, kale & soft boiled egg ($17.50)

Bestie S went for the eggs benny which came with a delicious, buttery potato rosti and ham hock, which was so flaky and fall apart. The hollandaise was light and tangy without an overwhelming richness to it, perhaps credit due to the apple cider in it, finished with the granny smith apples which helped to freshen up the dish.

Benedict poached eggs, potato rosti, braised free range ham hock, apple cider hollandaise, granny’s apples ($17)

The baked eggs, as recommended by our waiter as one of the dishes to order, were more to Mr A's tastes. We ordered it with a serve of the pork and apple sausages for extra protein and the flavour was really great. I found that the herby salsa verde helped cut through the acidity of the tomato sugo (a type of fresh tomato based sauce). While Mr A thought his dish was okay, he was much more satisfied with it, in lieu of his original dish.

Baked eggs, chickpeas, chard, tomato sugo, salsa verde, toast with pork & apple sausage ($19.50)

We decided to kill another hour by having a relaxing drink before heading out to meet others for an afternoon tipple. Bestie S and Mr A had recently enjoyed the 961 pale ale at Bayte so they decided to give the red ale a try. They thought it was okay but actually preferred the pale ale instead. The prosecco was perfect for the afternoon - a nice finish without being overly sweet.

961 Red Ale, Lebanon ($8.50) and Piccolo prosecco ($8)

I enjoyed my time at Barry and the airy ambience was so ideal for the great weather. I loved my meal and find that the pricing is on par with the more dearer cafes in Melbourne (just over $20 per person for food and a coffee). Service was great however they did take a while to notice us at times; completely understandable considering how busy they were that day. I wouldn't hesitate to come back as the other dishes that passed us by throughout our meal there looked so appetising.

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Value: 7.5/10
Will I return? Yes, I really enjoyed my visit.

85 High Street
Northcote VIC 3070
(03) 9481 3371

Mon to Fri 7:30am - 4pm
Weekends 8am - 4:30pm

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  1. Gosh another cafe to be added to my list :) Another suburb that I don't go often enough the eggs benny do look yum!

    1. Too many cafes popping up but at least they're good!! I don't go to Northcote often but so many great places there now :D

  2. Haha @ Mr A saying that his dish was too healthy. It does look awfully good but it's hard to go past eggs benny for breakfast!

    Speaking of breakfast, when are you free for one? :)

    1. Haha I loved my dish so complaints here!! ;)


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