Cumulus Up

Cumulus Inc. has been a perennial favourite since its opening and can always be relied on for a great meal. Upon entrance, instead of turning left to find Cumulus Inc - hanging above the staircase is a illuminating 'wine bar' sign leading to Cumulus Up.

Perched over the bar to observe our dishes being prepared, we helped ourselves to the soft bread with the butter.

Bread and butter

Anchovies aren't always a hit with me but Cumulus being very reliable, I felt as if I was in safe hands. The salty punch of the anchovy against the fresh, creamy curd was marvellous with the wispy, thin 'toast'.

Anchovy toast, fresh curd ($5)

One of the specials of the night was the wagyu bresaola - salty and so tender, delicious with crunchy garlic chips and parmesan cream.

Wagyu bresaola, onion chips, parmesan cream ($16)

The one and only reason for our visit to Cumulus Up was to indulge in a duck waffle with foie gras and prune. The crisp and fluffy waffle with pieces of confit duck in the batter only make the combination with the silky, smooth foie gras and prune paste all that much better. It is recommended to order a waffle per person to ensure that no fork territorial battles escalate in the middle of dinner.

Duck waffle, foie gras & prune ($8)

We found the lamb ribs were more on the fatty side with little meat to them, however we still enjoyed the flavours and the charred aroma.

Spiced lamb ribs, smoked tomato ($7)

The pork was cooked to medium rare and while we found it flavoursome and all elements on the plate were fresh, the meat was a little on the chewy side. Mr A and I both had a different expectations of the dish from our waiter's description of it so it was a let down for us.

Pork scotch, carrot puree, asparagus & peas ($29)

Although we weren't keen on our one main dish, we were absolutely enamoured by the delicious bites that we had sampled. I can see myself returning for more drinks and bites, although will most likely be heading downstairs for a proper feed as the menu is rather concise.

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Value: 7.5/10
Will I return? Yes, for a drink and some bites.

Cumulus Up
Upstairs, 45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9650 1445

Sun to Thurs 5pm - midnight
Fri & Sat 4pm - 1am

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  1. The wagyu looks sooooooo goooddddd!!!
    I always enjoyed their special dishes.
    YES!!!! Totally agree that one MUST NOT SHARE the duck waffle!!!!!

    1. The wagyu was so good but a special so I wonder if they still have it!? I hope so hehe

  2. Omgggg that foie gras mousse waffle!! Totally drooling.

    1. You definitely must try if you visit Melbourne, no sharing allowed! Well, you won't want to anyway ;)

  3. I really like the look of the duck waffles! Must check out Cumulus up...thanks for a great review!

    1. Great for nibbles while you're having drinks! Thanks for reading :)


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