The Lui Bar

             The Lui Bar at Melbourne’s prime real estate in the skies is luxe, elegant and provides superior views of Melbourne’s skyline. Since opening in 2011, it has been at the top of my “to-go” list, although I find the location right smack bang in the middle of the city a bit awkward seeing as I drive to the city these days, and popping in for a quick drink isn’t really possible with the pain in the ass parking. You will need to consult the concierge at the ground floor just before the elevators and our arrival mid-afternoon proved that we had arrived just in time, snagging the last window view seat.

The Lui Martini ($21) and Negroni ($22)

Our waitress suggests an order of the chickpea fries – a fantastic complement to the drinks providing the necessary salty hit.

Chickpea fries ($12)

As the night rolls on, more drinks are ordered. The theatre of dry ice and bubbling cocktails keeping us entertained.

The Lola Montez Spider Dance Fizz

With our city lit up in the backdrop, we find ourselves lucky to call Melbourne home.

While it is not a spot that one would visit often, the bar food and cocktails are accompanied with an amazing view that justify the prices.

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