Scopri “A Little Italian Gem”

To be honest, I have never been a foodie; but it was our anniversary and the month has been really awesome so we went for dinner at Scopri restaurant and it was epic, really beyond my expectation.

Scopri was recommended by a colleague that promised; am going to be blown away by their services and that is expertly what happens. I can proudly say Scopri serve the best Italian food I have ever had. We started with the Caprese salad then blend it with grilled fish. Their foods are not only prepared by professionally but Italiano services make the night magical.

The waiting staffs were superb, efficiency and friendly they will make you feel welcome and relaxed. If you don’t know much about Italian food like I am, you don’t need to worry; the waiting staffs can explaining the dishes well and give insight on what to expect, and looked after your every need.
All in all, it was a wonderful experience and meal. You must try it out. I am already planning on hosing our end of the year dinner party at their private dining. Nothing special, I just want to share my wonderful experience at Scopri with my friends and I believe taking them there is the best way to do that. Everything made easy, you can make a reservation online on their easy to use website and check out their meal menu and the wine list even before visiting the place.
Everybody deserves the best, and they know that at  Scopri restaurant, you are guaranteed first class treatment with respect, priority. Give them a try, I did and I was a wonderful experience.

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