French brasserie

The French brasserie makes a good and perfect spot for our night out; nice location, good environment, it’s a really nice place to relax and have a good time. It is my birthday so am treating my friends and I a nice dinner at The French brasserie and as always, the night was wonderful.

We sat at outside at the terrace and enjoy the beautiful view but of course, we are here for the food. I order garlic snails, French onion soup, and camembert cheese and had steak and fish for the main. The food was beautiful and perfect, subtle tastes and flavor. We savored every bite.

french-onion-soupFrench brasserie does not only serve good food but their customer service is awesome. The staffs are friendly, accommodating and warm. We were treated with priority and they also explain some of the dishes in the menu as I am not too much in the known when it comes to French food so I ask then some questions on dishes in the menu.

We really enjoy our meal and at the end, my friends admit French brasserie is one of the best restaurants in Melbourne. I actually made the reservation online which is also very easy. French brasserie has a simple clean site, well to navigate and you can also check out what they have to offer there and make reservation and book a table.french-starter


You can also ask any question on their services by contacting them right on the site, email or through a phone call.
French brasserie is highly recommended, especially if you are looking for an excellent French restaurant with superb customer service and sublime food at a price that will know break the bank.

You have many choices from their many verities of standard meal to their wine list that displays some of the best French wine to go with your meal. It is a wonderful experience at French brasserie.

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