French brasserie

The French brasserie makes a good and perfect spot for our night out; nice location, good environment, it’s a really nice place to relax and have a good time. It is my birthday so am treating my friends and I a nice dinner at The French brasserie and as always, the night was wonderful. We sat at outside at the… More →

Da Guido Melbourne la Pasta

If you are looking for the restaurant that has and offer everything you ever wish for; then Da Guido Melbourne la Pasta is your restaurant. It was my first time in Melbourne, I came in from Sydney on a business trip and spend a week. After a horrible dinner the first night, I turn to tripadviser for restaurant recommendation and… More →

Chasing rainbows in Paris

Paris has always been romanticised by writers and travellers alike. Perhaps so much so that it falls short of expectations for some, but my heart was swayed by the connection that my sister had with this beautiful, pink-hued city. I had no intentions to go anywhere but London, but Allen reminded me of how much Liz loved Paris and how she… More →

For Elizabeth. My Liz.

In Australia late March this year, I made the pilgrimage to London to pack up my sister’s things. Only three weeks prior, I was woken up with news that meant things would and could never be the same. My little sister was gone. Things dissolved into numbers for me. 252 days since we had last held her in our arms… More →

Feast of Merit

It’s been a month since our return to Melbourne Australia. Hibernation and recuperation has been a big factor and it was only a few Fridays ago where we enjoyed our favourite meal since we’ve been back. Feast of Merit is an initiative from ygap that takes inspiration from seasonal and locally sourced produce with a Middle Eastern twist. The former cafe… More →