Chasing rainbows in Paris

Paris has always been romanticised by writers and travellers alike. Perhaps so much so that it falls short of expectations for some, but my heart was swayed by the connection that my sister had with this beautiful, pink-hued city. I had no intentions to go anywhere but London, but Allen reminded me of how much Liz loved Paris and how she… More →

For Elizabeth. My Liz.

In Australia late March this year, I made the pilgrimage to London to pack up my sister’s things. Only three weeks prior, I was woken up with news that meant things would and could never be the same. My little sister was gone. Things dissolved into numbers for me. 252 days since we had last held her in our arms… More →

Melbourne cafes open/closed over the Christmas holidays

I have no plans of escaping the madness of last minute Christmas shopping and the New Year’s oppressive crowds so I hope to be enjoying a leisurely brunch or two. With all the inevitable closures of our favourite cafes over the Christmas holidays, I’ve collated a list of cafes with their operating days so hopefully if you’re stuck in Melbourne… More →

My petite travel guide to Tokyo

Japan, the land of the rising sun; I’ve travelled here numerous times, entranced by the juxtapositions of the traditional ways and fast-paced society. Having the most Michelin stars awarded in their capital city, it certainly is a food Mecca. As a tourist, it is definitely one of the easiest and most accommodating countries to travel through albeit, having a grasp of… More →

Featured in The Saturday Age!

Hi all! I was featured in The Saturday Age (10/08/2013) on page 3 for an article by Rachel Wells regarding the food culture in Melbourne and the rise in online publications and what not (article here). It was really exciting, although very nerve-wracking doing the ‘photo shoot’ (which was at a new cafe, Sbriga, in Melbourne)! This all happened thanks… More →

Tuck Shop Take Away

After returning home to Melbourne from my overseas trip, I was madly craving a burger – a good, juicy beef burger with the lot! It seemed fortuitous that Tuck Shop Take Away opened just a week ago, by Karina and Clinton, and they were serving up burgers! Having both worked in renowned restaurants around the world, Karina and Clinton are… More →