28 Dec

             The Lui Bar at Melbourne’s prime real estate in the skies is luxe, elegant and provides superior views of Melbourne’s skyline. Since opening in 2011, it has been at the top of my “to-go” list, although I find the location right smack bang in the middle of the city a bit awkward seeing as I drive to the city these days, and popping in for a quick drink isn’t really possible with the pain in the ass parking. You will need to consult the concierge at the ground floor just before the elevators and our arrival mid-afternoon proved that we had arrived just in time, snagging the last window view seat.

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16 Feb

Nieuw Amsterdam


I’ve always had a poor sense of direction so distinguishing between Hardware Lane and Hardware Street left us aimlessly wandering along the wrong lane. Later, we finally found Nieuw Amsterdam settled nicely next to Hardware Societe (which coincidentally, is due to reopen next week). Nieuw Amsterdam has risen and completely transformed a former Irish pub into a sleek and underground bar and eatery. Upon entering, we were given an option to descend the stairs to the bar to wet our whistles with a couple of drinks while waiting for the rest of our party, however laziness got the better of me and we were promptly settled into our table.

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26 Dec

                          I hope everyone had a great Christmas and snagged some bargains during the boxing day sales! I woke up bright and early and battled Chadstone’s parking (saw a few fights!!!) to get ZIP! Disappointing but now I know to just stay home and stick to online sales. Did you guys manage some good buys?

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20 Nov

                                                 The Taste of Melbourne has recently just passed and this year, it was set in the new location of Albert Park. It was nice to be walking around outside soaking up the atmosphere with a huge array of restaurants offering some of their best dishes all in one location but once the sun set, things got a bit miserable and cold so we decided to head home. But not before using up the rest of our crowns at Matt Wilkinson’s sustainable pop-up station of Pope Joan and Bishop of Ostia. A quick ‘history’ lesson for you guys: Pope Joan is a medieval legend about a woman in the guise of a man whose cover was blown when she gave birth to a son – and some versions of this legend say the son later grew up to be the Bishop of Ostia. With Pope Joan opening in July 2010 and taking the reins during the day, the Bishop of Ostia is the outdoor bar next door which opened earlier this year.

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