30 Nov

                  For anyone that has travelled to Japan before, you will understand the fervour that you acquire for the food and culture, and the unwavering appetite and despair that you feel after your return home. While there are a few places in Melbourne to satiate to a certain extent, the fresh sashimi and sushi cravings you begin to have, there’s no where quite like Japan. With just the mere mention of the words “just like in Japan”, I know many people who will be scrambling and demanding for the name and address.

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9 Nov

                 Mister Jennings was conceptualised by Ryan – a solo venture after departing from a Melbourne favourite, Estelle Bar & Kitchen. It is a small space, although not cramped, highlighted by the plentiful natural lighting flowing in. While “tasting menus” typically bring up concoctions of tiny portions and exorbitant prices, Mister Jennings is one of the few restaurants changing the game and bringing affordable tastings of the chef’s top picks.

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19 Aug

There was a mad scramble for dinner reservations when word first got out about Champions Bistro. Occupying the dining space in an unassuming suburban bowls club in Melbourne’s South, most sessions were booked out months in advance due to the limited span of the temporary restaurant. It is only now, after a few extensions due to popular demand, that Clinton and Ali are taking a short hiatus in September to rest and recharge. Without neglecting to signing in at the front counter leading to the bistro, we catch glimpses of smoke wafting up from plates and a collective of interesting looking bites which had us highly anticipating our meal.

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6 Apr

                                   Hi, my name is Catherine and I will travel for good food. When George Biron and Diane Garrett, co-owners of Sunnybrae, decided to let go of their hatted restaurant, word eventually spread that it had transitioned into the safe hands of  Dan Hunter after his departure from Royal Mail Hotel, one of Australia’s top rated restaurants. We took the opportunity to use Mr A’s birthday as an excuse to visit which also happened to coincide with the blistering heatwave that Melbourne was enduring. We had the air conditioning blasting and some St ALi bottled iced lattes in hand, so we were ready to take on the long road trip.

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2 Mar

Thomas Keller’s Per Se is a world class restaurant in New York City, a happy replacement for Ms L and myself, who weren’t able to spare the time to visit his other famed restaurant, French Laundry in the Napa Valley. My numerous attempts to secure a booking at Per Se was exhausting and disheartening to say the least. Waking up at 2am on consecutive nights and being greeted with a constant busy tone on the other side of the line was hard to accept. After a week of this nightly routine, I finally managed to get through, but with only one bar of battery left; I was sweating until finally I was taken off hold and our reservation details finalised. Hallelujah!! This made my visit to Per Se all the more sweeter.

19 Jan

The smell hits you as soon as you walk in – pungent, intense, nutty all in one hit. Our friends are seated at the communal table down the back but we can’t help lingering by the display windows filled with copious and seemingly never-ending wheels and wedges of cheese hailing from all over the world. Mmm… cheese.

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31 Oct

                          Located just off Collins street, down the Paris side of town, is a space that many will remember housing Jamie Oliver’s former restaurant Fifteen Melbourne and then after that, Tobie Puttock’s The Kitchen Cat. These tenants have come and gone and now Gerald Diffey and Mario Di lenno from Gerald’s Bar in Carlton North have taken over the space and managed to procure Chef Nic Poelaert (from Embrasse which has recently closed for business to the dismay of many, many people) to take control over the kitchen. It would seem like a dream team with such veterans handling all aspects of the restaurant, so I decided that a visit was in order.

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30 Sep

                                                             So I have been coming to Shira Nui or over a decade now from when my dad first took the family here for lunch on the weekend. Shira Nui is hidden along the busy Springvale Road in Glen Waverley and often overlooked by those not in the know but highly rated by locals. I consider Shira Nui to be the best Japanese restaurant in the area and still haven’t come across anything better. They have previously had one hats on and off during the past years but they are always in The Age Good Food guide. They offer an a la carte menu but the best thing about Shira Nui is their ‘omakase’ menu in which you basically leave your meal in the hands of the very capable chef, Hiro Nishikura. They will feed you with a variety of nigiri until you are stuffed and wave the white flag – or just tell them you’ve had enough.

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21 Aug

                       The Dessert Evenings at Cafe Rosamond have always been on my radar but being on a Thursday night, it was always inconvenient or out of the way. It wasn’t until Mr A suggested that we drop by that we finally embarked on our first dessert degustation. We arrived early at 6pm but seeing as no one was there yet, we sat in our car parked outside and creepily kept patrol for any queue forming. By 6:30pm, people started to arrive so we took our place 3rd in line and by 7pm, there were at least 8 people lining up behind us. We were let in and all the seats were filled save for 2 so there wasn’t a need to wait and stalk after all!

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24 Apr

                          Estelle Bar & Kitchen is located in Northcote’s High St, an area which I have never come across. Parking was ample on a Friday night after work and we were the restaurant’s first diners that night. Many good things have been spoken of Estelle Bar & Kitchen and I believe the restaurant was only just taken over by a collaboration between Scott Pickett and Ryan Flaherty just under a year ago. After my first visit here, I wonder why it took me so long to notice this restaurant and then dine here? I pity the Me from the past for not coming sooner!


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