3 Jun

carousel-jardin-des-tuileriesParis has always been romanticised by writers and travellers alike. Perhaps so much so that it falls short of expectations for some, but my heart was swayed by the connection that my sister had with this beautiful, pink-hued city. I had no intentions to go anywhere but London, but Allen reminded me of how much Liz loved Paris and how she and I had planned to meet there in five months times. So, we caught the Eurostar train from London and after three short hours, we found ourselves in the heart of Paris.

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15 Dec

You might notice that Melbourne is a little besotted with Matt Forbes. Personally, I don’t know how he does it, supplying numerous cafes all week long with delightful cakes and the variously flavoured doughnuts. The other day, while I was painfully whisking away at a lemon sabayon for a mere eight minutes, I really had to give applause to this man who did this sort of thing on the daily.

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3 Nov

Sleeping in on the weekends is always so nice and luxurious but these days, I actually like early mornings so my days feel more productive. Peach & I had planned to meet up early for breakfast in St Kilda with plans to have Yo-Chi froyo afterwards so we chose Batch Espresso as it was only down the road from Yo-Chi. I arrived at 9:30am to find a full house at Batch Espresso and went to enquire about a table for two. As I approached the waitress, she actually bypassed me and spoke directly to the next customer behind me which left me less than impressed. Initially, I felt the service was really cold and indifferent which slightly improved towards the end of our meal, even with a reference to me as “baby girl” (hah.. okay).

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13 Oct

Everyone enjoys a good bitch out session. Come on, admit it! This isn’t only limited to the female population either, some of the biggest whingers I know are guys. We all need to let off steam once in a while and it’s so therapeutic when you’re able to laugh off the worst situations with a good friend. Lolo and Wren has long been on my brunching wishlist since it opened just before Christmas last year and Ms L wanted to venture away from our usual haunts and respective work suburbs. Lolo and Wren sitting underneath an apartment building in an eerily quiet suburb seemed to be the perfect hiding spot for us. The cafe, like many Melbourne cafes out there, is cool, hip and with many a hanging pendant lights. We were seated at the high communal tables which gave us a great view of all the food coming out the kitchen – a good yet at the same time, such a bad spot, seeing as we had major food envy with each new dish.

Ms L thoroughly enjoyed her macchiato after specifiying the exact way she likes it to be. Our waiter patiently explained their process to which she agreed to, and fortunately, she thoroughly enjoyed her long mac. She was also provided a small glass of sparkling water to cleanse her palate which was a first in her experience.

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22 Sep

Docklands is a bit of a pain to get to if you don’t work or live in the area. However, I drive by every single morning on the way to work so one morning when Mr A and I had woken up early and arrived at Docklands at the seemingly unearthly hour of 8am, we decided to go have coffee before the daily grind. Kenneth, Melbourne’s unofficial ambassador for new cafe and restaurant openings, had recently posted on instagram about his visit to the days-old coffee and foodstore, story• in Docklands which had been opened by the people behind Dukes Coffee Roasters. Being an unashamedly big fan of their other cafes, I suggested we take a walk to check it out. It eventuated to quite the adventure as we were unfamiliar with that area of Bourke Street and ended up with a 15 minute walking detour!

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8 Sep

Chances are you could most likely walk down to your local cafe and the menu would consist of a big breakfast, avocado smash on sourdough or some sort of fritter with a poached egg on top. As great as these dishes are, it’s places like Bayte in Collingwood or Stovetop in Carlton that really break up that breakfast monotony and present a menu that gets you actually reading the description. I came across Stovetop when I had noticed they had liked my Facebook page and followed on to read Ashley (I’m so hungree) and Cindy & Michael’s (where’s the beef?) posts which became the deciding factor for my visit when catching up with a friend.

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25 Aug

Chez Dré is a firm brunch spot favourite in South Melbourne and people are known to have waited more than patience allows for a table. Not being a fan of waiting too long, I have completely avoided Chez Dré until I met up with Daisy from Never Too Sweet in South Melbourne for lunch, and we all know that weekdays are a fantastic option to avoid crowds. Located only a minute away from the South Melbourne Market, it is in good company serving up breakfast to lunch type dishes and a lush array of decadent sweets to tempt the taste buds.


Daisy opted for the breakfast platter seeing as she wanted to satisfy her breakfast cravings and I really liked the idea of a tasting plate with bits and pieces to please both the savoury and sweet taste buds.

4 Aug

After returning home to Melbourne from my overseas trip, I was madly craving a burger – a good, juicy beef burger with the lot! It seemed fortuitous that Tuck Shop Take Away opened just a week ago, by Karina and Clinton, and they were serving up burgers! Having both worked in renowned restaurants around the world, Karina and Clinton are bringing a simple and concise concept through their little tuck shop in Caulfield North. Simple, tasty burgers and jaffles with milkshake and soft serve flavours to bring out the inner-child in all of us.

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2 Jun

My sweet tooth has been reignited recently so I have been craving insane amounts of sugar – even consuming spoonfuls of sweetened condensed milk on the daily in any form; terrible, I know but I can’t help myself. Coincidentally, my birthday passed recently and we celebrated with some MoVida dossants!

Dossants, possibly the next dessert trend hitting Melbourne, is spearheaded by MoVida bakery. What is a dossant, I hear you ask? It is a croissant pastry fried with cinnamon sugar which is then topped with a variety of fillings. It all came about when food lovers were all atwitter on Twitter in regards to a certain article circulating about Dominique Ansel’s ‘cronut’ – the croissant-doughnut hybrid taking New York by storm. In fact, demand is high and even the name ‘cronut’ has been trademarked! MoVida Bakery has decided to make their own version for Melbournians to enjoy!

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19 May

Everyday Coffee evolved from the former Black Coffee @ No Fixed Address, a pop up dedicated to black coffee with ‘no bullshit’. It is a minimalistic cafe in Collingwood focusing on coffees with a great line up of beans to choose from. They also have a concise food menu offering a variety of home made dessert pies, Lune Croissanterie croissants and other baked treats.

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