23 Nov

                    There are only a handful of weekends are left until Mr A and I are off to gallivant all over the east coast of America. In an attempt to soak up as much Australia sun as we can before we are plunged into the second Winter of our 2014. It seems fortuitous that Melbourne is laying off the temperamental weather act on our free days, so we decided to make the journey to Ascot Food Store. It is larger than it appears from the outside; beyond the front of house, a few steps up lead to a segregated dining area with a homely and comfortable feel. To beat the breakfast crowds, we had woken up a little earlier given the distance as well so we were feeling a little bleary eyed. That was quickly rectified with some coffee orders; using Proud Mary coffee beans and St David’s Dairy milk, my iced latte provided a refreshing caffeine hit.

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15 Dec

You might notice that Melbourne is a little besotted with Matt Forbes. Personally, I don’t know how he does it, supplying numerous cafes all week long with delightful cakes and the variously flavoured doughnuts. The other day, while I was painfully whisking away at a lemon sabayon for a mere eight minutes, I really had to give applause to this man who did this sort of thing on the daily.

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