22 Feb

It’s been a month since our return to Melbourne Australia. Hibernation and recuperation has been a big factor and it was only a few Fridays ago where we enjoyed our favourite meal since we’ve been back. Feast of Merit is an initiative from ygap that takes inspiration from seasonal and locally sourced produce with a Middle Eastern twist. The former cafe interiors have been stripped off and the raw bones and exposed bricks left us all feeling like after a detox, bright and happy.

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30 Nov

                  For anyone that has travelled to Japan before, you will understand the fervour that you acquire for the food and culture, and the unwavering appetite and despair that you feel after your return home. While there are a few places in Melbourne to satiate to a certain extent, the fresh sashimi and sushi cravings you begin to have, there’s no where quite like Japan. With just the mere mention of the words “just like in Japan”, I know many people who will be scrambling and demanding for the name and address.

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9 Nov

                 Mister Jennings was conceptualised by Ryan – a solo venture after departing from a Melbourne favourite, Estelle Bar & Kitchen. It is a small space, although not cramped, highlighted by the plentiful natural lighting flowing in. While “tasting menus” typically bring up concoctions of tiny portions and exorbitant prices, Mister Jennings is one of the few restaurants changing the game and bringing affordable tastings of the chef’s top picks.

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18 Oct

It was like there was a pornographic movie playing in the background.

The hushed murmurs and the muffled squeals of excitement from our neighbouring diners seemed to show their unequivocal appreciation for their meal. From their first bite into the spiced prawn cracker, to slurping down their oysters and finally, when they nipped their golden egg with a knife to see the requisite egg yolk oozing out. Admittedly, Mr A and I both had the same quieter sentiments – upon first bite of the first few dishes, our eyes were rolling back into their sockets.

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6 Oct

Melbourne is consistently on point with food trends – instagram-worthy food like fluffy hotcakes accessorised with a colourful array of edible flowers and fresh fruit; frozen yoghurt dispensaries popping up on every corner, both north and south of the river; cold pressed juices and healthy smoothies served in mason jars; and the latest one to start making an appearance on menus – things made with food-grade edible charcoal. Charcoal food products are becoming more mainstream – what, with charcoal brioche buns encasing meat patties, ice creams scooped into charcoal waffle cones; and now, after supplying select cafes for a short while earlier this year, Nora has opened shop in Carlton with a range of their signature charcoal tarts.

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23 Jun

Do you recall the last time you walked into a cafe and every single staff member in sight turned to welcome you with a friendly smile. Well, that’s how our visit to Addict Food and Coffee started off; I could feel the refreshing neighbourly vibes oozing out of every crevice of this cafe. Addict Food and Coffee is a young’un; having only finished their third week of trading today, the space is clean, aesthetically pleasing with plenty of natural light flowing in. The menu is solid and concise with their own play on the typical breakfast menu staples and unique enough to rekindle my addiction for brunch.

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9 Jun

Disclaimer: I was invited by Tourism Victoria and Ambito5 to participate in this blog tour throughout regional Victoria. All thoughts and opinions are based purely on my experience at the time of visit.

It’s very rare that you get a chance to experience your home city through the eyes of a traveller. Having grown up, walked the streets and living in a city where you may often bypass the magical light that Melbourne encompasses. I was given the amazing opportunity to act as a local ambassador for a campaign organised by Tourism Victoria partnered with Ambit5 & an incredibly unique international blog tour of Victoria. Three well-known Italian bloggers had been flown over to experience Victoria and embark on their own specialised and unique itineraries  journeys, exploring the wonders and delights of Victoria. Sandra of ‘Un Tocco Dizenzero’ is a prominent food and travel writer and I acted as her ambassador to accompany her while we explored regional Victoria.

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7 Jun

Chris Watson, former chef at Cutler and Co, and Andrew McConnell teamed up to open the new luxurious French bistro, Luxembourg Bar & Bistro, residing where the former Golden Fields used to sit along Fitzroy Street in St Kilda. There have been a few changes to transform the space into a seductive, French bistro and service is warm and relaxed. The chef’s selection menu makes for great value, coming in at $65 a pop, so we decided to let them take charge with our menu and take in the new digs.

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6 Jun

The night that I visited Casa Ciuccio, I was whisked away by my best friends and unbeknownst to me, the rest of my friends were laying in wait at my surprise birthday dinner. Casa Ciuccio is the sort of place that doesn’t make you feel out of place whether you dress up or down; it has a homely and comfortable atmosphere, with bushes of herbs and garlic hanging from the walls.

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4 May

Hammer and Tong is a popular breakfast spot in Fitzroy, even being crowned as such by The Age Good Food under $30 in this year’s book. A lesser known fact is that Hammer and Tong are dishing out a cracking dinner menu, which also happen to feature a few of their beloved dishes from their breakfast menu. After much deliberation on the venue, we ended up at Hammer and Tong; because we all know that birthdays are a great justification to go out for a nice dinner. The interior hasn’t changed since my first visit last year for breakfast – eclectic and refreshing to take in while we settled ourselves in for the night.

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