30 Nov

                  For anyone that has travelled to Japan before, you will understand the fervour that you acquire for the food and culture, and the unwavering appetite and despair that you feel after your return home. While there are a few places in Melbourne to satiate to a certain extent, the fresh sashimi and sushi cravings you begin to have, there’s no where quite like Japan. With just the mere mention of the words “just like in Japan”, I know many people who will be scrambling and demanding for the name and address.

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17 Nov

If anyone was to ask me what would make a memorable meal, I’d have to say a sashimi platter, a few dozen oysters, good wine, and I’d be a very happy girl. Over the most recent long weekend, Melbourne was blessed with some amazing weather and I decided that a visit to the newly opened Hinoki Japanese Pantry on Smith Street was most appropriate. The store is expansive and so sleek – split between the sushi bar and the rest of the store catering to a vast variety of Japanese groceries, liquor and frozen goods.
I was completely overwhelmed when I looked up at the sushi bar as they offer a range of sashimi, nigiri and maki roll packs and platters. Despite the face that I was only buying dinner for Mr A and I, I ended up opting for the largest sashimi and sushi platter, recommended for three to four people, and was ready to go after ten minutes of browsing the grocery side.

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