28 Dec

             The Lui Bar at Melbourne’s prime real estate in the skies is luxe, elegant and provides superior views of Melbourne’s skyline. Since opening in 2011, it has been at the top of my “to-go” list, although I find the location right smack bang in the middle of the city a bit awkward seeing as I drive to the city these days, and popping in for a quick drink isn’t really possible with the pain in the ass parking. You will need to consult the concierge at the ground floor just before the elevators and our arrival mid-afternoon proved that we had arrived just in time, snagging the last window view seat.

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30 Nov

                  For anyone that has travelled to Japan before, you will understand the fervour that you acquire for the food and culture, and the unwavering appetite and despair that you feel after your return home. While there are a few places in Melbourne to satiate to a certain extent, the fresh sashimi and sushi cravings you begin to have, there’s no where quite like Japan. With just the mere mention of the words “just like in Japan”, I know many people who will be scrambling and demanding for the name and address.

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18 Oct

It was like there was a pornographic movie playing in the background.

The hushed murmurs and the muffled squeals of excitement from our neighbouring diners seemed to show their unequivocal appreciation for their meal. From their first bite into the spiced prawn cracker, to slurping down their oysters and finally, when they nipped their golden egg with a knife to see the requisite egg yolk oozing out. Admittedly, Mr A and I both had the same quieter sentiments – upon first bite of the first few dishes, our eyes were rolling back into their sockets.

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19 Aug

Kyneton is a small and sleepy town, with the locals all know one another and can be seen pulled over on opposite sides of the road and hanging out of their respective car windows having a gab. With a little time before dinner, we soaked in the Winter sun at Monsieur Pierre while enjoying a raspberry and coconut slice and their signature Gypsy spice hot chocolate. Now, I’ve never really understood the fascination with chilli chocolate but now may have been converted with a simple sip of this drink. Rich, thick chocolate liquid with a slight spice lingering on the tongue – an ideal pick me up after a long drive.

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19 Aug

There was a mad scramble for dinner reservations when word first got out about Champions Bistro. Occupying the dining space in an unassuming suburban bowls club in Melbourne’s South, most sessions were booked out months in advance due to the limited span of the temporary restaurant. It is only now, after a few extensions due to popular demand, that Clinton and Ali are taking a short hiatus in September to rest and recharge. Without neglecting to signing in at the front counter leading to the bistro, we catch glimpses of smoke wafting up from plates and a collective of interesting looking bites which had us highly anticipating our meal.

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23 Jun

Do you recall the last time you walked into a cafe and every single staff member in sight turned to welcome you with a friendly smile. Well, that’s how our visit to Addict Food and Coffee started off; I could feel the refreshing neighbourly vibes oozing out of every crevice of this cafe. Addict Food and Coffee is a young’un; having only finished their third week of trading today, the space is clean, aesthetically pleasing with plenty of natural light flowing in. The menu is solid and concise with their own play on the typical breakfast menu staples and unique enough to rekindle my addiction for brunch.

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6 Jun

The night that I visited Casa Ciuccio, I was whisked away by my best friends and unbeknownst to me, the rest of my friends were laying in wait at my surprise birthday dinner. Casa Ciuccio is the sort of place that doesn’t make you feel out of place whether you dress up or down; it has a homely and comfortable atmosphere, with bushes of herbs and garlic hanging from the walls.

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6 Apr

                                   Hi, my name is Catherine and I will travel for good food. When George Biron and Diane Garrett, co-owners of Sunnybrae, decided to let go of their hatted restaurant, word eventually spread that it had transitioned into the safe hands of  Dan Hunter after his departure from Royal Mail Hotel, one of Australia’s top rated restaurants. We took the opportunity to use Mr A’s birthday as an excuse to visit which also happened to coincide with the blistering heatwave that Melbourne was enduring. We had the air conditioning blasting and some St ALi bottled iced lattes in hand, so we were ready to take on the long road trip.

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23 Mar

Foxtrot Charlie are all about the food and coffee – which is their source of inspiration for the cafe’s name using the NATO phonetic alphabet. With a rather apt aeroplane model floating in mid air above the communal dining table, Foxtrot Charlie seems like a modern hideaway on Sydney Road in Brunswick.

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16 Feb

Nieuw Amsterdam


I’ve always had a poor sense of direction so distinguishing between Hardware Lane and Hardware Street left us aimlessly wandering along the wrong lane. Later, we finally found Nieuw Amsterdam settled nicely next to Hardware Societe (which coincidentally, is due to reopen next week). Nieuw Amsterdam has risen and completely transformed a former Irish pub into a sleek and underground bar and eatery. Upon entering, we were given an option to descend the stairs to the bar to wet our whistles with a couple of drinks while waiting for the rest of our party, however laziness got the better of me and we were promptly settled into our table.

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