3 Jun

carousel-jardin-des-tuileriesParis has always been romanticised by writers and travellers alike. Perhaps so much so that it falls short of expectations for some, but my heart was swayed by the connection that my sister had with this beautiful, pink-hued city. I had no intentions to go anywhere but London, but Allen reminded me of how much Liz loved Paris and how she and I had planned to meet there in five months times. So, we caught the Eurostar train from London and after three short hours, we found ourselves in the heart of Paris.

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23 Aug

After eating our way through Tokyo’s streets, we took a short 2.5 hour flight to the bustling city of Seoul. Having only visited a year ago, I was ecstatic at the thought of all the delicious food I knew would be soon in our stomaches. If you are after travel information and tips, please refer to ‘My petite travel guide to Seoul‘; but for now, make sure you’ve already eaten otherwise you’ll be salivating while you read through my food adventures in Seoul. I know that while I’m writing, I’m day-dreaming about the food all over again!

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12 Aug

Japan, the land of the rising sun; I’ve travelled here numerous times, entranced by the juxtapositions of the traditional ways and fast-paced society. Having the most Michelin stars awarded in their capital city, it certainly is a food Mecca. As a tourist, it is definitely one of the easiest and most accommodating countries to travel through albeit, having a grasp of the language helps immensely!

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14 Sep

New York City: Once it’s in your heart, it’ll never leave you…

This is my sentiment when I think of New York City. I was lucky enough to travel with one of my best friends to the United States end of last year/start of this year and since we are both lovers of food and shopping, we decided that it was a must to stay in New York City for 3 weeks. New York City delighted all our senses and I immediately fell in love. Through all my travels, I have frolicked and enjoyed my time overseas but I have never felt this kind of emotional attachment to a city. The food culture is unbelievable and so diverse, the people were extremely friendly to us and loved our Aussie accents (I’ll admit that we played it up a bit after finding that out) and you could always find something to do at any time of the day/night.

5 Aug

My petite guide to Seoul, South Korea

Side note: I re-visited Seoul a year later (July 2013) – check out my food adventure here!

During my recent overseas trip to Asia a few weeks ago, I visited quite a few countries within a span of 2 weeks but the one single city that mesmerised my heart and soul was the magical city of Seoul. At first, the language barrier was difficult unless you are fluent in Korean, Japanese or Mandarin; in the streets, the locals are accustomed to just pushing their way through the crowd without apologies and the monsoon season left us uncomfortably hot and sweaty. After adjusting to all this, you learn to use hand signals to the wait staff for them to choose your meal, push past crowds without fear of angering anyone and you have no qualms about walking in knee-deep water on the streets after a heavy rain at 3am.

Love Locks at N Seoul Tower

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